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How to achieve the retirement
of your dreams...

Build a portfolio that will last... learn when to tap Social Security... whether to purchase an annuity... and everything else you need to know to make your transition to retirement as easy as possible...

If you're like most Americans, your retirement planning could probably use a jumpstart.

From college loans and mortgages to raising children, countless expenses have popped up along the way that have made it difficult to save as much money as you'd like.

But that doesn't have to stop you from getting ahead right now...

It will take some time, discipline, and -- most importantly -- education, but it is possible to get yourself on the path to a carefree retirement... right now!

It's why The Motley Fool has recruited an expert whose unconventional retirement wisdom makes him one of the smartest and most approachable advisors around...

His name is Robert Brokamp, CFP®...

Before joining The Motley Fool, Robert was a financial advisor at Prudential Securities. He spent years researching proven money-building retirement strategies, the latest money-saving tax loopholes, and more to help ensure his clients enjoyed their golden years.

Though he worked with some excellent people, he wasn't satisfied. More than anything, because he was forced to sell his clients what the company offered.

So he left Prudential and became a Fool, eventually founding The Motley Fool's popular Rule Your Retirement newsletter service, where he combines his love of teaching (he actually has a teaching degree and taught English for several years) with his vast insider knowledge of retirement planning, to bring you the most up-to-date investment strategies around.

You'll see how easy it is to:

  • Get rich buying stocks no one else wants.
  • Find beaten-down stocks that pay out huge dividends.
  • Slip money out of your retirement account before you turn 59 -- without paying a penalty!
  • Uncover stocks that make money even in bad times.
  • And much, much more.

Robert is a widely respected retirement authority

Not only has he written widely read articles on and in renowned publications like Newsweek, Robert Brokamp has also authored (or co-authored) 4 top-selling books and recently gave a speech at the SEC that was broadcast on CSPAN.

Each Rule Your Retirement issue shares Robert's latest insights and advice, plus tips from the likes of Roger Ibbotson, Burton Malkiel, and even Motley Fool Co-founder David Gardner -- investors whose knowledge he taps on a daily basis to ensure you get the best possible retirement advice available.

Each Rule Your Retirement newsletter hands you:

  • A New Tip to Perfect Your Portfolio: Sometimes we'll offer investment ideas, other times we'll take a look at tax-saving tips, or perhaps we'll examine the ins and outs of wills, insurance, and annuities. Whatever the topic, you'll get everything you need to get your portfolio in order, in an entertaining and understandable manner.
  • An Interview With a Retirement Expert: Proprietary insight from experts such as author Burton Malkiel, investment manager Larry Swedroe, author William Bernstein, and Robert Shiller.
  • An In-Depth Look at a Specific Asset Class: Interested in how an asset class (for example, large-cap stocks or international stocks) has historically performed? Or looking for some investment ideas for the small-cap portion of your portfolio? Every month we dive in to a specific asset class and tell you everything you need to know.

We think you'll agree that The Motley Fool's Rule Your Retirement newsletter service is the best place for objective, practical, and successful investment advice. We're not beholden to Wall Street. In fact, you can get all the proven wisdom in Rule Your Retirement for less than it would cost you to meet with an accountant for an hour.

Best of all, you can sit down with Rule Your Retirement whenever you want -- no appointment necessary. And with Rule Your Retirement, you'll learn things your accountant, broker, or financial advice might never mention.

You're just one click and mere seconds away from getting started!

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