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Your secret to buying
"money machines" that pay out
hard cash year after year...

How to quietly amass a fortune -- in any type of market...

Building a long-term fortune -- through both up and down markets -- requires two simple steps:

  1. Buy the best dividend-paying stocks, and
  2. Reinvest the dividends

Do this and you've instantly built a money machine.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's the difference reinvesting dividends makes, according to Ibbotson Associates:

If you had invested $1,000 in large-cap companies back in 1925, you could sell them today for about $98,560.

But had you reinvested the dividends, you'd be sitting on more than $2,982,240. And that's assuming you didn't invest another dollar since.

At Motley Fool Income Investor, we call this income investing, and we believe it is...

The best way to secure your financial dreams

Buying and holding dividend-paying stocks is the most reliable way to achieve financial security and independence. The strategy is especially successful because:

  • It's low risk. Since these companies pay out cash, investors are more willing to hold dividend stocks through bear markets. Therefore, they don't fall as far or as quickly as non-dividend stocks. In fact, they become a magnet for investors seeking security.
  • It helps you avoid the Enrons of tomorrow. Dividends don't lie. For example, between 1997 and 2000, Enron's "earnings" rose 69% but dividends only rose 9%. That's a sure sign something fishy was going on. Paper profits can fool analysts, but cold hard cash can't be faked.
  • It earns much better yields with lower taxes. Although Obama recently raised the dividend tax rate to 20% for individuals making more than $400,000 (or couples making more than $450,000) a year, most folks pay just 15% on dividends.
  • By reinvesting dividends, you "dollar-cost average" and get the power of compounding automatically. It improves your portfolio's long-term returns by buying more shares when the price is low and helping your profits multiply.
  • Dividend stocks trump non-dividend-payers, even in down markets. According to Standard & Poor's, during 2008's market meltdown, dividend-paying stocks came out over 6% ahead of non-dividend-payers.

But a dividend alone doesn't guarantee success

Need proof? Look no further than financial companies like Bank of America and General Electric, which had to drastically cut dividend payments during the downturn in 2008.

Which is why you need a trusted source that digs deep into a company's financial statements and runs through countless scenarios to make sure it can continue paying its dividend.

That's why The Motley Fool has dedicated an entire team of analysts to helping you find the best dividend-paying stocks.

Our team, led by dividend-investing expert James Early, logs countless hours researching and crunching numbers before recommending a company to Motley Fool Income Investor members.

And with much success -- here's a small sample of James Early's Motley Fool Income Investor winners:

Company Return Yield
SABESP +102% 3.5%
Magellan Midstream Partners +745% 2.8%
+450% 3.3%
Enterprise Products Partners +458% 3.7%
All returns updated daily during market hours.

These are the "money-makers" you need in your portfolio to safely generate long-term income -- and growth.

Each Motley Fool Income Investor monthly newsletter hands you:

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  • Many Other Extras: Most months we'll invite fellow analysts to share stocks they like -- or unique strategies they're implementing in their portfolios. And it's all part of your member experience.

Plus, as a member, you'll also receive:

  • Email Alerts: Weekly updates covering the latest news on our stocks -- earnings announcements, major developments, or even adjustments to our valuation.
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  • Access to Our Password-Protected Website: Where you'll get a wealth of information to make you a more successful investor. You will also join the world's greatest community of investors.

And when you join Motley Fool Income Investor today, you'll also receive this fast-action bonus:

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Again, the way to amass a fortune with your own "money machines" is to buy dividend-paying stocks and reinvest the dividends. And there's no better way to uncover the world's best dividend stocks than as a member of Motley Fool Income Investor.

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