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live chat
Live Interactive Summit

Replay Now Available!

Check out our Supernova 2014 Live Interactive Event!

Watch the replay of our Live Interactive Event as David Gardner and Supernova Senior Analyst, Matthew Argersinger tackled your investing and Supernova-related questions... the new Explorer 1 mission... and the generous and not-to-be-repeated terms (including a $500 discount) for members who climb on board when Supernova opens to new members.

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wearable technology
Google Glass

Exploration No. 1 Has Launched!

The Winner of Wearable Computing REVEALED

Imagine a purse that changes color when you get an incoming call... a T-shirt that displays your Twitter messages and photos... a jacket you can dial like a phone by talking into the sleeve... a pair of ski goggles with a built-in GPS... a belt clip that analyzes your golf swing...

And of course, there's Google Glass, which is here in our hands. Literally, in our hands. We're going to show it to you. Then introduce you to a pioneer who's been using a similar device for two decades! Together we'll determine whether "wearables" are ready for primetime. And size up the best wearable computing investments from among Google, Ambarella, InvenSense, and Under Armour.

Click here to watch our exploration of these stocks!

outperform twitter
Twitter IPO

Exploration No. 2 Has Launched!

The One Un-Hyped Stock That Could Soar Higher Than Twitter

The Twitter IPO was one of the major investment stories of 2013. Which probably has you wondering, should you buy shares now? Should you wait? How about a third and infinitely easier alternative? Join us beginning on Dec. 30... we'll carefully examine four un-hyped stocks — The Container Store, Pandora, LivePerson, and RetailMeNot — then zero in on the one we project will outperform Twitter in 2014 and beyond!

Click here to watch our exploration of these stocks!

Consumer Electronics Show
Consumer Electronics Show

Exploration No. 3 Has Launched!

The Cutting-Edge Technology With Actual "Legs" to Change the World... and the ONE STOCK to Play It!

You'll want to be with us from January 6th to the 11th as we travel to the worldwide Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (and provide you an up-to-the-second live blog). We'll scrutinize 4 companies built around cutting-edge technologies — 3D Systems, iRobot, Intuitive Surgical, and AeroVironment — identifying the technology with real legs to succeed, and the stock we like best...

Click here to watch our exploration of these technologies and stocks!

Click to access the Supernova 2014 LIVE BLOG from the Worldwide Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

David and Tom
New York City

Exploration No. 4 Has Launched!

The No. 1 Stock for 2014 From the Handful That Both David and Tom Gardner Have Recommended!

On January 18, we'll travel to New York City for a showdown between Motley Fool co-founders, David and Tom Gardner. They'll go toe-to-toe over which of the stocks they've both recommended that's best positioned to beat the market over the next 12 months! You'll also meet a few of the Supernova members in attendance and hear directly from them about their experiences in Motley Fool Supernova — you won't want to miss this one!

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Questions and Answers

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

At The Motley Fool, we believe that successful investing isn't always as much about having all the right answers as it is about asking all the right questions.

That's why we want to make it possible for you to ask David Gardner and the Supernova team any questions you might have about a specific stock, the Supernova service, or investing in general. While we can't promise they'll be able to answer every single question, David and his team will work tirelessly to answer the most important and recurring questions. And they will post ALL of their answers right here for you to see.

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Behind the Scenes

Meet the Motley Fool Supernova Team!

An actual supernova is when a star explodes and the burst releases tremendous energy. Of course, supernovas are rare and can only take place if certain conditions exist. Likewise, the astonishing performance of Motley Fool Supernova can only take place if the right people are in place...

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