ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 9, 2022 -- The Motley Fool, a purpose-driven financial services company founded in 1993 that provides free and premium investing guidance to millions of individual investors around the world, today released the winners of its 2022 Women in Investing Awards.

Research shows that while women have historically earned better investing results than men, they consistently express less confidence in their investing abilities. What's more, inequalities in wage and opportunity mean that women have to work harder to build wealth for themselves and their families. To encourage more women to start their investing journey, The Motley Fool recognizes the leading women in investing for 2022, all of whom align with our mission of making the world smarter, happier, and richer.

"We are pleased to kick off The Motley Fool's first ever awards campaign by spotlighting and honoring 12 inspiring women in investing," said Rachel Williams, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at The Motley Fool. "Though there are so many women who deserve recognition for their work in the investing world, our expert panelists were tasked with identifying just a select few winners who embody our same Foolish values. We hope that these award winners will help inspire more women to invest confidently for the long-term."

The Motley Fool's 2022 Women in Investing Award Winners are:

  • Investor of the Year - Cathie Wood
  • Rising Star - Tiffany James
  • Investing Podcaster - Farnoosh Torabi
  • Investing YouTuber - Rose Han
  • Investing Blogger - Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
  • Investing Author - Michelle Singletary
  • Blockchain Investor - Kinjal Shah
  • Tech Investor - Beth Kindig
  • Cannabis Investor - Lori Ferrara
  • Real Estate Investor - Annie Dickerson
  • Socially Responsible Investor - Sallie Krawcheck
  • Venture Capital Investor - Mary Meeker

Between two voting stages, The Motley Fool's voting panel nominated and selected this year's award winners. Our editorial and investing experts narrowed each category down to the top three candidates and the awards committee voted on the nominees using a points allocation system. This process ensured objectivity, let us source diverse opinions, and resulted in our final list of the most outstanding women in investing in 2022.

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