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Beam Suntory Inc.(BEAM.DL)


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Start Hoarding Whiskey, a Shortage Is Coming!

Whiskey, especially the high-end stuff, might never have been more popular. This has been great for distillers like Brown-Forman and Beam. But if they can't keep up with demand, is a whiskey shortage on the way?

What's Driving the Japanese Whiskey Boom?

With a resurgence in global whiskey sales, Japanese whiskey sales have soared, with Suntory brands like Hibiki and Yamakazi winning critical acclaim among some of the toughest to please critics. But is the current resurgence a sign of a healthy industry in the future, or just a fad?

Why Beam's Sale Could Be a Boon for Brown-Forman

Some American bourbon drinkers are angry about the sale of Beam to a Japanese company. If these drinkers follow through on their pledge to abandon Beam's brands, this could be an opportunity for Brown-Forman in the years to come.