If you're a shareholder of Florida Rock Industries (NYSE:FRK), you're to be congratulated. You found a company that was growing sales and maximizing profits, and the market has rewarded you handsomely for your foresight.

But I'm here to tell you that it may not last.

Stay one step ahead
Florida Rock was trading for a split-adjusted price of approximately $14 per share in January 2003. Today, shares trade close to $50. The stock has risen more than 250% -- a truly remarkable performance during a time when the S&P is up just 32%. Those gains will help you achieve your retirement dreams, but only if you have a plan to make sure your savings and investments outlast you.

Because for every great success story in the market, there's a disaster -- or a growth stock that just plain, well, stopped growing. With shares trading north of $10 in 2001, Foamex (NASDAQ:FMXI) shareholders were once where you are now. Unfortunately, Foamex stock currently trades around $1. Even Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) shareholders, who once counted on years of explosive growth, have seen returns level off.

Be one with the masters
The world's greatest investors can't predict the future. Jack Bogle, founder of the hugely successful Vanguard Group, told Fool co-founder David Gardner, "I am a nervous investor. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow or next year. ... But [with] four things -- diversification, tax efficiency, lower costs, a long time horizon -- you will capture the returns that this uncertain stock market is kind enough to deliver."

Those are sage words, and they drive my investment philosophy. Your gains on Florida Rock have put you one step closer to a happy retirement. But by perfecting your portfolio and balancing your investments to meet your needs, you can stay one step ahead and gain the financial freedom you've earned.

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Robert Brokamp, a former Wall Street financial planner, is the editor of Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement. He does not own shares of any stock mentioned in this article. The Motley Fool is investors writing for investors.