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The Motley Fool announces our first Blue Chip Report: 10 Monster Stocks for the Next Decade. You'll get 10 stock picks and 1 bonus blue-chip fund in this new release to help you establish — or reinforce — a steady and growing foundation for your portfolio.

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“Tom and David Gardner are among the most widely followed stock market advisers in the world.”

The beauty of blue chips

Because they're big, stable, diversified, time-tested companies, blue chips can offer compelling values during market ups and downs. Because they're such familiar names, they're easy to keep track of.

More than the top of the Dow — the top of The Fool®

Any wise guy could spot the 10 biggest companies off the top of the Dow. It's a common strategy, and the results are... adequate.

But why be satisfied with the same old, same old?

Especially when we're offering you the best of the big boys, instead. Using proprietary screening methods, our top analysts — including 4 of our newsletter analysts and co-founder Tom Gardner — have tossed out the Big Fat Daddies and rounded up the Iron Men.

10 Monster Stocks reveals the dominant companies making plenty of money now AND having superb prospects for big bucks in the future, including:

Mr. Market's temporary insanity opens opportunities for more profit, less risk

In this market, big brand-name businesses are actually trading at lower multiples than their more speculative little brothers. Which means that the blue chips you buy and hold for portfolio defense are now gaining yardage, as well.

How often do you see linebackers beating wide receivers to the goalpost? Especially when you can still count on them for defense (DEE-fence!) retaining their traditionally higher certainty and lower risk.

Conditions like this can't last for long. Download your copy of Monster Stocks before Mr. Market's mood changes again.

Blue Chips On Sale

Value-guru Philip Durell, dividend-cowboy Mathew Emmert, and many other Motley Fool analysts have uncovered blue chip stocks selling for less than the companies are intrinsically worth.

In short, these investments are on sale.

If you can boil down all investing wisdom into "buy low, sell high," you have the rare opportunity to nail down the "buy low" half of the equation right now, for the best blue chip buys in the market.

For added stability and profit, many monster picks also pay dividends.

Plus there's a dividend within the book itself: in addition to the 10 stocks, you also get a bonus blue chip fund selection from our fund-junky Shannon Zimmerman. His monster mutual fund has the rare combination of outstanding performance and very reasonable fees, so you can diversify into a select group of champion blue chips quickly and easily.

Simple prosperity has its own excitement

Even if you love the roller-coaster excitement of aggresive stocks, you can still enjoy quiet, sunny rides through the park with simple, stable blue chips.

With reliable demand, proven records, obvious strengths, and conservative finances, 10 Monster Stocks brings you opportunities for predictable, steady growth. And opportunities to relax.

Through meticulous research, our analysts show you why these stocks should go up — and nothing depends on revolutionary breakthroughs or paradigm shifts.

Sure, these companies are still growing — but more like trees and less like weeds. Their rewards are handsome, not glittery. These are stocks you can count on for long-term stability in any kind of market.

“The speculative public is incorrigible. It will buy anything, at any price, if there seems to be some ‘action’ in progress. It will fall for any company identified with... computers, electronics, science, technology, or what have you when the particular fashion is raging. Our readers, sensible investors all, are of course above such foolishness.”
— Benjamin Graham
The Intelligent Investor, 1973

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The Twin's Tale

1950 was a banner year for Big Bill Schleck. He collected a gold watch from Standard Oil of New Jersey. And he held his first grandchildren, Peter and Patti. Twins.

Big Bill mastered every statistic from the Brooklyn Dodgers starting from 1921, but the stock market wasn't his game. He knew blue chips were good, but they all looked alike to him.

So he set aside $1,000 worth of Standard Oil shares — part of his pension — for his granddaughter's dowry. (Some old-country ideas are worth keeping.) He wanted something modern and space-age for the boy, so Peter got $1,000 worth of IBM.

Big Bill wrote the arrangements into his will: all dividends reinvested, and the shares locked up until both he and his widow passed away. Big Bill died in 1953. Gramma Anna passed on in 2003.

So, who inherited more?

Peter, with up-and-coming IBM? Or Patti, with dowdy Standard Oil of New Jersey?

In 1950, IBM's head-start in the technology sector was as enormous as their barn-sized computers. Big Blue practically ruled the planet until the first Gulf War. And the oil business hardly moved. Standard Oil (now ExxonMobil) grew slowly in a sector that shrank from 20% in 1950 to less than 5% in the year 2000.

Clearly, Peter lucked out with IBM, right? Wrong.

$1,000 invested, locked, and compounded from 1950 to 2003

How did a stodgy old oil company out-perform a dominant tech stock by $300,000.00? Better valuation. Higher dividends. And some help from our old friend, "irrational exuberance."

IBM was a hot stock in a hot sector in 1950, and for years and years afterward. So Peter paid a substantial premium for IBM earnings and dividends. In his latest book, The Future for Investors, Dr. Jeremy Siegel calls this phenomenon "The Growth Trap."

Standard Oil/ExxonMobil was a classic blue chip... never particularly exciting apart from an energy bubble in the late 1970s and a sunken tanker in March, 1989. But it was a steady workhorse investment for decades that left Patti a millionaire.

So the moral of the story is:

  1. Old and dull may be more profitable than new and exciting.
  2. Clearly superior blue chips are not always clear.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a dowry.

“As a place to invest, I'll take a lousy industry over a great industry anytime. In a lousy industry, one that's growing slowly if at all, the weak drop out and the survivors get a bigger share of the market. A company that can capture an ever-increasing share of a stagnant market is a lot better off than one that has to struggle to protect a dwindling share of an exciting market.”
— Peter Lynch
Beating the Street, 1993

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The best defense for today's market... and tomorrow's

More than 8 times since 1929, the Fed has raised short-term interest rates by more than 2%. In this current cycle, rates are up again. FIVE of those previous 8 times, the S&P 500 index dropped substantially within 12 months.

It may happen again this time. It may not.

But oil prices are wobbly.

The dollar is shrinking like a sumo wrestler on Atkins®.

Sooner or later, we're in for a rough ride. So find some stabilizers in 10 Monster Stocks. You'll get the scoop on:

It is ALWAYS a good time to buy the best blue chips. EVERY investor needs the opportunities for the steady growth and stable prospects of monster stocks.

Strikingly rare market conditions — large caps trading at multiples below more speculative and volatile mid- and small-caps — make 10 Monster Stocks an enormous opportunity right this minute.

Grab this rare opportunity while you can.

The next 10 minutes can enrich the next 10 years

10 Monster Stocks is The Motley Fool's first guide to blue chips.

Blue chips are the classic foundation for every investor, from the risk-averse beginner to the stock jock with nerves of steel.

The right blue chips can help you follow Warren Buffett's 2 Rules of Investing:

Judge for yourself whether 10 Monster Stocks has the opportunities you're looking for. You get so much more than a hot stocks list. TMF's sharpest analysts give you the full growth-potential story:

With 10 monster stocks — and a bonus blue-chip fund — you get ELEVEN comprehensive investment reports in all. So you can start profiting as soon as possible, you can access your report instantaneously in electronic format.

10 Monster Stocks: Limited-Time Offer

“Sensible investors buy in worried times. It's your loss if you wait until everyone is in a blissed out mood, like they were in 1929 or 1999.”
— Ben Stein

You only have a limited window of opportunity to take advantage of 10 Monster Stocks for the Next Decade. Grab it while it's wide open!

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Your 100% Guarantee

Can we guarantee results? Of course not. Investing is about rational probabilities, not certainties. But we can guarantee you'll be satisfied with the Blue-Chip Report. If you are not 100% satisfied with 10 Monster Stocks for the Next Decade within the first 30 days, just call us for a refund.

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