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International Stock Report -- Around the World in 80 Minutes

The Motley Fool’s first-ever International Stock Report features…

  • 12 top global stock ideas
  • Top equity analysts
  • Plus two bonus Global Fund picks!

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How you can PROFIT by investing overseas today!

“Global is definitely the way to go!”

When Professor Jeremy Siegel made that stirring proclamation on February 9, before a rapt audience in Alexandria, Virginia, he had no idea what an enthusiastic crowd was on hand!

In fact, the equity analysts seated before him were already well on their way to narrowing the vast universe of international investments to a handful of superior global opportunities…

14 superior investments… super charge YOUR portfolio!

The Motley Fool — the name you trust for unbiased, independent research on U.S. stocks — was just then putting the final touches on its first-ever International Stock Report.

When published, its 70 pages of detailed research and fundamental analysis would lead a small number of very fortunate investors to more than a dozen of the most exciting international investment opportunities on Earth.

Now, you can be among the first to see this valuable new report today. You can even have immediate online access FREE! (Full details ahead…)

Here’s just a sample of the amazing international opportunities you’ll discover… beginning with what people are calling the Google of China!

Whatever your investment style, you MUST consider putting all three outstanding overseas companies in your portfolio. Get their names today, backed up by a detailed investment thesis and exhaustive fundamental research… all in one easy-to-read electronic research document.

Announcing The Motley Fool International Stock Report!

Those three breakout stocks are just the beginning. You also get 9 more thoroughly vetted investment opportunities from around the globe… PLUS two of the best-run international funds in the world… when you order this just-released report today.

To put it plainly, you’ll find this one volume delivers everything you need to make certain you don’t miss out on the massive profit-potential of overseas stocks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested beyond our shores… or are a seasoned international investor.

It’s called The Motley Fool International Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes. When you order today, you get immediate access to the No. 1 International Stock Ideas from The Motley Fool's top equity analysts, including…

Tom Gardner co-founded The Motley Fool more than a decade ago. He's a proven stock analyst with an extraordinary career record. Like when he recommended Quality Systems to his Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscribers in March 2003. As of March 14, it’s up 579%!

Now, Tom has his sights on a French company applying its patented nanotechnology to a cutting-edge drug delivery platform. You can only get the full details in Motley Fool International Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes!

David Gardner’s track record is arguably more impressive than Tom’s. So, what’s the rule-breaking investor who, in his real money Rule Breaker portfolio, led thousands of Motley Fools to AOL in 1994, Starbucks in 1998, and eBay in 1999 excited about today?

This unassuming manufacturer is taking on the big boys and looking to save one of our most important industries… and make investors very rich in the process. You want to own this stock. Get the details in The Motley Fool International Stock Report.

You also get top picks — supported by detailed analysis, presented in a comprehensive analyst report…

And not just from David and Tom Gardner, but from each member of a team, handpicked from The Motley Fool's very best equity analysts, including:

And even that's not the whole of it. With The Motley Fool International Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes, you also get top international picks from half-a-dozen more Motley Fool investing all-stars.

As soon as you see the report, you’ll agree that, with 12 outstanding international opportunities, plus 2 Bonus Fund Picks — Motley Fool International Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes offers something for every investor, regardless of investing style, risk tolerance, or level of expertise.

Don’t miss the next GREAT bull market!

You wouldn’t expect to hear The Motley Fool, of all people, predicting the fall of America and the rise of “Chindia.” No way. Motley Fool analysts have too much faith in America and its economy.

But facts are facts, and we live in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. Already, more than half of the capitalization of all public companies resides overseas. And this trend looks almost certain to continue.

After all, how can you deny these irresistible demographic arguments for investing overseas…

India's population is among the world’s youngest, with 60% of its people under age 32. An emerging middle class of 300 million provides a phenomenal growth prospect.”
— Forbes

“Since 1978, China’s economy has grown at a compound rate of more than 9% per year. It’s morning in Asia.”
— Washington Post

Asia is only beginning a long cycle of opportunity… It is a free-wheeling business atmosphere, much as I imagine America was in the days of the Wild West.”
“the Smartest Man in Europe,” as relayed by Morgan Stanley’s Byron Wein.

And here's one more. Since April 2003, the iShares Emerging Markets Index, which tracks the performance of international stocks, has gained 186% (as of March 26, 2006) — thumping the S&P 500 by better than 3 to 1!

Still think you don’t need to invest overseas?

Or that it’s too difficult or risky. Nothing could be further from the truth! Whether you’re just getting started or looking to fine-tune your existing international allocation, The Motley Fool International Stock Report delivers everything you need to lock in the unique benefits of investing overseas.

And that could prove crucial to your long-term wealth and well-being. After all, no matter what kind of market, it’s a time-tested certainty that international stocks can help you…

SUPERCHARGE YOUR GROWTH — In 2005, stock markets in countries like Egypt, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, and Austria all gained 50% or more. Count on this “better growth overseas” trend to continue.

CASH IN ON OPPORTUNITY — Apple invented the iPod, but the next big thing will likely come from Nokia, Samsung, or some Chinese company that you haven't even heard of.

LOWER YOUR RISK — Spreading your capital around the world can boost your overall returns while simultaneously reducing the risk of getting hurt by a market decline in the U.S.

But only IF you choose correctly. And because you’re working side-by-side with The Motley Fool, you can rest easier that you will… knowing that every single international investment you buy has been thoroughly vetted by some of the most respected stock analysts in the world.

Why this could be the best investment you make this year

But can you expect to pay for The Motley Fool International Stock Report with the profits from the handful of picks we’ve discussed today?

It's not out of the question. You certainly could've covered the cost with the profits from any number of David or Tom Gardner's past picks...

Consider Marvel, which David recommended in Motley Fool Stock Advisor in July, 2003. If you invested $1,000, you would've cleared $5,372 by March 14, 2006! Or how about $1,000 in Quality Systems, one of Tom’s Stock Advisor picks? On March 14, your investment would be worth $6,790. Either one of those gains alone covers the cost of the report more than 15 times over!

And David and Tom are just two of a dozen top analysts who reveal to you their TOP international picks!

Or how about you get the entire report FREE?

Here's a deal that's simply too good to pass up. We've talked a lot about David & Tom Gardner today — how their astonishing knack for identifying blockbuster investments made them among the most widely followed investors in America.

Now, you can find out what the fuss is about and start profiting alongside their loyal subscribers... and you can get The Motley Fool International Stock Report essentially FREE!

That's right, when you subscribe to David & Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter service, you'll get immediate access to your electronic copy of The Motley Fool International Stock Report absolutely FREE!

Just think about what a remarkable way that is to get your hands on a time-sensitive document of this quality.

And just look at what's yours when you join Stock Advisor for one year:

  • 24 Top Stock Picks: Each month, the Motley Fool co-founders comb through scores of U.S. companies to recommend only the two very best A+ opportunities to you.
  • Stock Updates: At least once a month, David and Tom send you the latest news or inside scoops on their recommendations.
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In fact, when you respond today, I'll do you one step better. Join David and Tom today, and I'll make sure you receive their special new-member rate. You take a full $40 off the regular one-year subscription price.

Combine that with The Motley Fool International Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes, and you get $99 in savings.

You can see why this is our very best deal: You want the International Report anyway. When you take advantage of this offer, you get an entire year's worth of Motley Fool Stock Advisor for less than the cost of a can of generic soda a day!

But you can’t afford to put this off another day! Here’s why.

Mutual fund and money flow data show that U.S. investors are waking up to the massive opportunities overseas and climbing aboard the international investing bandwagon. And remember, since April 2003, the iShares Emerging Markets Index has beat the S&P 500 by better than 3 to 1!

As you can see, the profit potential is enormous. So, please, don’t let your head-start slip away.

Plus, this report is only available for a limited time. So don’t delay. Act now to get instant access to The Motley Fool's top international stocks for 2006 and beyond. Order The Motley Fool Stock Report: Around the World in 80 Minutes today!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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International Stock Report -- Around the World in 80 Minutes

Make this the year you bulk up your portfolio by going overseas with The Motley Fool International Stock Report.

  • 12 best-bet stock selections
  • 2 explosive bonus opportunities
  • The Motley Fool's top-rated analysts
  • More than 70 pages of in-depth research and analysis
  • Instant access to the report
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