With the market creeping further and further upward, it's getting difficult to know where to safely invest.

But one market strategy has consistently put its adherents well ahead of the crowd, through bear and bull market cycles alike — value investing.

Ibbotson Associates' research shows that over 80 years, value stocks blew both the S&P 500 and growth stocks out of the water...

Value Chart

While 80 years is a long time, that's the point: Fads come and go. What works over the long term is a consistent, steadfast strategy of investing in undervalued stocks.

But it's not as simple as buying stocks with low P/E ratios

It's tough to determine the difference between a true value stock and a "value trap." Often a stock that looks cheap is cheap for a reason. And investing in it would be a critical error...

That's why The Motley Fool has dedicated an entire team of analysts to helping you find the best value stocks, led by value-investing expert Joe Magyer, a frequent guest on CNBC, NPR, and Good Morning America.

Motley Fool Inside Value was founded in 2004 to help individual investors uncover the best value stock picks with a wide margin of safety.

And the team has been remarkably successful — including 14 recommendations that have doubled or better. Here's a small sample of some Motley Fool Inside Value winners:

Company Return Return vs. SPY
Weight Watchers +160% +132%
Accenture +296% +196%
Cimarex Energy
+127% +88%
MasterCard +259% +233%
UnitedHealth Group
+209% +148%

Returns as of July 15, 2014.

These are all examples of stocks the Motley Fool Inside Value team uncovered with a wide margin of safety, catapulting members' portfolios higher with less risk than owning an index fund.

It's no wonder industry watchdog Mark Hulbert recently ranked Motley Fool Inside Value the industry's top-performing investment services over the past 5 years.

And today you can position yourself to profit from every Motley Fool Inside Value recommendation...

Each month Motley Fool Inside Value hands you:

Motley Fool Inside Value
  • A New Value Stock Recommendation: After scouring the market for the most attractively-priced stocks, and separating the true values from the value traps, Joe Magyer hands you the one undervalued stock he's most confident about — every month. You'll get all the details, including a risk rating, his estimate of its intrinsic value, and a buy-below price, on every stock he recommends.
  • Best Buys Now: Enjoy the gains you'll see from following our expert advisor's favorite value stock pick of the month, as well as discussion of other stocks we'll be watching.
  • A Monthly "Inside Value Unscripted":A monthly podcast where the team of analysts dig into the latest stock recommendations in a frank, fun-to-follow discussion.
  • Plus, as a member, you'll also receive:

  • Inside Value Weekly: Get the latest news on our recommendations, straight from the research pit, so you'll always know exactly where our recommendations sit and where they're headed next.
  • All Back Recommendations: Every back recommendation is archived on the site, so you can read every recommendation we've ever published. This will allow you to learn the ins and outs of our time-tested investment strategy so you can make future investments with 100% confidence.
  • Unlimited Access to Our Password-Protected Website: Where you'll get all the information and research you need to become a more successful investor. Plus, you'll have full access to our discussion boards, where you can swap investment ideas with other top-notch individual investors.

And when you join Motley Fool Inside Value today, you'll also receive these fast-action bonuses:

The One REMARKABLE Stock to Own Now!

FREE Bonus Report No. 1: The One REMARKABLE Stock to Own Now

Reveals the details on what could be the next Berkshire Hathaway! The profits from this one stock could realistically cover the full cost of your membership. You can access it instantly.

Bargain Basement Blue Chips

FREE Bonus Report No. 2: Bargain Basement Blue Chips

Gives you the name, stock ticker, and everything you need to get invested in the three exquisitely run companies Joe Magyer calls "my three favorite blue chips." You can buy all three at a blue-light-special discount today. If you act soon!

Fight Night

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Don't forget, the steadfast way to turn $1,000 into over $5 million is by investing in undervalued stocks. And there's no better way to find which value stocks would make the smartest addition to your portfolio than as a member of Motley Fool Inside Value.

You're just one click and mere seconds away from getting started!

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Please choose how you would like to get started today:
Also Includes:
  • The One REMARKABLE Stock to Own Now ($29.00 Value) — FREE
  • Bargain Basement Blue Chips ($29.00 Value) — FREE
  • Stocks 2011: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead  ($99.00 Value) — FREE
Also Includes:
  • The One REMARKABLE Stock to Own Now ($29.00 Value) — FREE
  • Bargain Basement Blue Chips ($29.00 Value) — FREE
  • Stocks 2011: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead  ($99.00 Value) — FREE
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