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Two simple graphs (pictured below) hold the key to your next money-making opportunity in the stock market. Read on to discover how you can juice YOUR portfolio today with science... not speculation.

Dear Fellow Investor,

Correct me if I'm wrong... but it seems like these days, you need to be a world-class market strategist to understand what's going on in the stock market.

You could wake up one day to find your portfolio "magically" up 5%... then, next thing you know, it's down 10% just hours later. Worst of all, while all this is happening, you know that someone out there is getting rich...

"Outlook bleak in China." Stocks dive...

"Greece on the Road to Recovery" Stocks climb...

Yet all the while, some hot-shot, slick haired, Yale-educated Wall Street insider is probably lining his pockets because he saw it coming... and invested accordingly...

You see, much of the market's activity nowadays is tethered to global economic trends... and playing them correctly could land you a huge chunk of cash. But, if you don't have an MBA or a Master's in Economics, good luck...

Believe me, as a guy with a Mathematics degree (and a pretty respectable investing track record), I know how frustrating all of this can be.

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My name is Andy Cross, Chief Investment Officer at The Motley Fool, and I just came across the solution to this problem:

What if, instead of investing in the future of Malaysian currency, oil production in Nigeria, or some other global trend you don't fully understand... you staked a claim to one, common-sense American Supertrend that's brewing as we speak... and is as close to a sure thing as it gets!

In fact, just this week, The Washington Post claimed, "70% of U.S. economic activity" is driven by this growing supertrend.

How'd I stumble upon it?

I was clued-in by one of the smartest, up-and-coming economists in the business. But when I say "economist," I'm not talking about those armchair market-watchers who can tell you exactly what happened in the past 5 years... but have no clue what will happen in the next 5 years...

Those kinds of economists make horrible investors.

That's why I turned to Morgan Housel. An economist by education, but an investor by trade. You can think of him like Indiana Jones... an industry insider with expertise in the field.

He cut his teeth working for a high-powered private equity firm in Los Angeles, CA. But ever since we wrestled him away over 5 years ago, he's been feeding Motley Fool readers up-to-date global trends — and can't miss stock picks — that you could take to the bank!

Morgan's latest research brought his attention back to America... and what he found is pretty amazing...

He uncovered what could be the next boom in the U.S. economy. And...

Set his sights on two unappreciated stocks that could ride the coming waves to some handsome gains.

I'll get to those stocks in a minute, but first, let me show you how all of this is 100% real:

By analyzing the two graphs below, you'll figure out (like I did) why Americans will start spending more money than they have in years... and how that money could get pumped directly into YOUR portfolio.

Household debt payments as a percentage of income

With household debt at an all-time low, Morgan expects consumer spending to skyrocket in the coming years.

As you can see on the right, American household debt is at an all-time low. Following the debt crisis of 2008, we've been hard at work "deleveraging" (or eliminating) the majority of our debt.

This is unprecedented. After all, we're a country built on the promise of flexibility when it comes to paying for things! It's safe to say, though, that after 2008, most Americans have been hesitant to spend confidently.

However, as you can also see in the graph, household debt levels rise and fall in a fairly cyclical manner. When you think about this pattern... and how much debt we've shed in record-time since 2008, it's reasonable to believe that those debt rates will start climbing again...

U.S. population, age 30-44

The growth of the 30-44 year-old demographic will create a second era of high-spenders that will drive the American Economy.

In the second graph, you'll notice the population of 30-44 year olds (the age demographic with the most spending power) is on its way out of a 10-year lull.

You see, when our economy was a well-oiled machine, it was driven by the spending power of baby boomers who came into their peak earning years in the mid '90s. Unfortunately, as these baby boomers started growing older and retiring, the amount of money that was pumped into our economy tapered off...

As you can imagine, that was bad for the economy.

The good news is, we're about to enter a second era of 30-44 year-old spending power... and that's fantastic for the American economy...

"The Revival of the American Consumer"

By now you've probably put 2 and 2 together and figured out that when you cross record-low debt levels with a growing class of high-spenders, the result is a rejuvenated American economy driven by the strength of its consumers.

For the first time in years, we can expect consumers to start coming out of hiding... and when they do, a handful of perfectly positioned companies stand to make a fortune...

However, if you're the kind of investor who doesn't just want to follow the pack and wedge himself into some dried-up stock play (and I think you are), read closely:

Morgan has convinced me that not only is this new American boom poised to pop, but when it does, it could turn the tables for two under-the-radar companies... and make a small group of savvy investors rich!

Both companies represent essential pieces of this American consumer renaissance... but they're almost too obvious to notice! That's why investing today could put you front and center when all the money starts pouring in...

  • Company No. 1 commanded $3.6 trillion worth of business in 2012... and collected outrageous operating margins of 49% per year during the past 5 years. This company is a key player in the way Americans have spent, and will spend their money. Using a time-tested formula, they've grown their core business over 50% since 2008.
  • Company No. 2 controls what Morgan calls, "the circulatory system of the global economy." And despite the recent weakness of the American Consumer, this white-hot company still found a way to increase its international business by 26% since 2008. Once American traffic ramps up again, this company could turn into a virtual cash mint...
The Revival of the American Consumer

All the details are included inside Morgan's hot-off-the-press report, "The Revival of the American Consumer." In this newly-released investing tell-all, Morgan will fully explain the economic implications of this coming Supertrend and walk you through, step-by-step, why your money is best served by investing in the two companies I'm referring to.

Unfortunately, out of respect to our paying members, I can't just give away this highly valuable research and the stock picks that come with it...

But, what I can do is get this report in your hands at an unbeatable price:

For a one-time cost of just $29, you get this report and all of its contents. Similar investor-action reports have sold for $99 or more... so believe me, this is the absolute best price I can offer for such sophisticated research.

To get INSTANT ACCESS to all this up-to-the-minute research, just enter your information below, and click "Submit Order". It's that easy. And of course, you're supported by The Motley Fool's satisfaction guarantee. So if you aren't completely happy with this report, you can call us up anytime. Don't delay!

Sincere regards,

Andy Cross

Andy Cross
Chief Investment Officer, The Motley Fool

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