5 Expenses Worth Splurging On

by Christy Bieber | Updated July 17, 2021 - First published on Feb. 8, 2020

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Some things are worth spending money on. Here are five of them.

Some things are worth spending money on. Here are five of them. 

If you want to be financially successful, it's important to save money and avoid frivolous spending.

But being smart about spending doesn't always require you to buy the cheapest item or to pass up on all purchases. In fact, there are a few key areas where it can make sense to spend a little more than you need to in order to improve your quality of life.

While these expenses may be different for everyone, here are five examples of situations where most people will find that splurging can make a whole lot of sense. 

1. Outsourcing unpleasant tasks

In my family, we don't clean our own house, mow our own large lawn, or weed our hilly garden. We pay someone to do these tasks for us. 

That's because we really don't get any pleasure from doing them. It's also because we have limited time off and we don't want to spend our precious spare hours doing these tasks. 

Studies have shown that paying someone to do the jobs you don't enjoy is one of the few ways money really can buy happiness. Spending a few dollars to get back time for other, more important things can improve your quality of life far more than most purchases. You eliminate a task you dread and have more time to spend on things that give you pleasure. It's a double benefit that makes splurging on hired help well worth it. 

2. A high-quality mattress

Most people spend about a third of their time sleeping. If you're spending so much time in bed, it makes sense to ensure it's a comfortable place. A high-quality mattress goes a long way toward doing that -- even if you have to spend a little more to get one.

A good mattress can significantly improve your sleep. And if you're not tired all the time, every day will be better. It can also help you to avoid aches and pains and maintain your back health. Splurging to enjoy a life where you're well rested and free of pain is absolutely worth the price. 

3. Safety-related items

As a new parent shopping for a car seat for my child, I can tell you that I definitely wasn't looking for the cheapest model. It's simply worth spending money on this and other safety-related items, ranging from high-chairs to swimming pool alarms.

There's no way to put a price on the health and safety of the people you care about, so it's always OK to splurge on things that truly help to reduce the risk of a tragedy occurring. 

4. Good shoes

Cheap, low-quality shoes are not just uncomfortable -- they're also more likely to wear out quickly and can compromise your health. Like a good mattress, good shoes can keep you comfortable and are well worth splashing out on, especially if you're able to wear them for much longer than a cheaper brand.

This doesn't necessarily justify your Jimmy Choo or expensive sneaker habit -- but it does mean you shouldn't necessarily buy the lowest-priced footwear at the store. Look for a well-made shoe that provides you with the arch support you need and that has a good reputation for both comfort and quality. 

5. Professional advice

If you're getting help with your taxes, financial planning assistance, investment advice, or legal advice, it's important you pay for a professional who has the knowledge and skill to really help you.

Any time you're getting advice from a professional, you'll pay a premium for someone with more education, more experience, and a proven track record of success. But the price of getting it wrong could be many times greater than simply paying more upfront to consult with someone who is well equipped to offer good advice. 

Why you should splurge on these five expenses

The money you work hard to earn should be used as a tool to improve your life. While this sometimes means cutting your spending, there are also situations where the best thing you can do is spend a little more to save yourself a lot of hassle later. In fact, sometimes spending a little more today can enable you to put more into your savings account in the future.

These are five examples of items worth splurging on, but you may have similar situations in your own life. As long you do it mindfully -- and don't take on a ton of credit card debt -- there's nothing wrong with those occasional splurges. 

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