Published in: Banks | Sept. 26, 2019

Here Are the Top 10 Purchases Women Hide From Their Partners

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What items are women buying and hiding? Find out here. 

Dishonesty about money is a major problem for most American couples, according to The Ascent's recent study on financial infidelity. As many as 67% of men and 73% of women have committed at least one act of financial infidelity. The most common types of monetary unfaithfulness are connected to purchases. 

Whether we're hiding what we buy or hiding the price we paid, Americans just aren't very honest with their partners about what they're spending their cash on. Both men and women are guilty of this relationship crime -- although they tend to be dishonest about different kinds of purchases. 

If you're wondering what purchases women tend to lie about the most, we've got the answers. 

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The top 10 purchases that women lie about

According to The Ascent's study, these are the 10 purchases women are most likely to lie about:

  1. Clothing
  2. Gifts for others
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Home decor
  5. Fast food
  6. Hobby-related purchases
  7. Shoes
  8. Restaurant meals
  9. Snacks and candy
  10. Groceries

This list has some overlap with the top purchases men lie about. Both men and women tend to be dishonest in connection with hobby-related purchases, fast food, restaurant meals, and gifts for others. 

But this list is also missing some items that top the list of items men hide buying, including electronics, alcohol, and video games. Men also tend to lie about gambling, which doesn't show up in the women's top 10. 

How to stop hiding purchases from your partner

Hiding purchases from your partner is bad news. While financial infidelity doesn't rank nearly as high on the list of relationship sins as sexual infidelity, The Ascent's study revealed that it's a more serious relationship problem than issues with a partner's family, religious differences, or political differences.

Lying about purchases can undermine trust between partners and lead to other relationship issues. Making hidden purchases on a credit card or otherwise borrowing money to buy items without telling your beloved could compromise your ability to reach joint financial goals like saving for the future.

Instead of continuing to be dishonest about purchases, get on the same page with your partner about how you're handling your shared financial life. Sit down, have a serious conversation about your finances, and come up with a budget that you both agree to. It should allocate some fun money for each of you. Money you can both spend without judgment from the other person. 

65% of men and 47% of women told The Ascent that their relationship prevented them from owning an item they want. Unless you're unreasonable in your demands, there's no reason your love has to interfere with your life like this.

You should each have at least some financial freedom to buy items with no questions asked -- as long as doing so won't jeopardize important shared priorities. 

Hiding purchases can be a thing of the past

Our tips for talking to your partner about money can help you stop making hidden purchases. Have the money talk today, so the next time you want to buy clothes, shoes, video games, or fast food, you won't have to lie to your partner about it.

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