4 Extra Costs and Complications You Might Face When Traveling in Europe Now

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If you plan to travel internationally during the pandemic, be aware of potential added expenses.

With fewer people traveling right now due to the pandemic, you may be thinking of booking a European vacation. While it's possible to travel internationally, it's essential to be aware of potential extra costs and complications that could occur. You can be prepared financially to avoid added stress. Here's what to look out for as you plan your upcoming international getaway.

1. COVID-19 testing costs

Some destinations now require visitors to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding their plane. If it's not required, proof of complete vaccination or negative test results may be required to participate in certain activities like dining inside or visiting museums or other busy places. In most cases, the cost for COVID-19 testing internationally is the responsibility of the traveler, so you might want to make sure you've got a little cushion of cash stashed in your savings account.

Even if testing isn't required at the start of (or during) your trip, all travelers heading back to the U.S. must show proof of a negative test result taken no more than three days before departure. That means if you plan to travel abroad, you'll need to pay to get tested at least once.

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It's a smart idea to include COVID-19 testing in your vacation budget. On my most recent trip throughout Europe, I needed to get tested two times. I paid about $35 each time, resulting in $70 in added trip expenses.

2. Lodging costs for an unexpected quarantine

Even if you're fully vaccinated, it's possible to test positive for COVID-19. If you happen to test positive upon arrival at your destination or during your trip, this will disrupt your travel plans. Testing positive may require you to extend your stay, which could be costly when sorting out costs -- especially if you need to book last-minute accommodation.

Before departing, budget extra funds in case this happens. Additionally, it's a good plan to make sure that you're going with a good travel rewards credit card -- and that you haven't maxed out your credit limit if you need to book a longer stay.

3. International health insurance costs

Some destinations require visitors to carry international health insurance coverage. This can be expensive, but it may help you feel more comfortable when traveling internationally during a pandemic. If you get sick while away from home, the last thing you want to stress about is the cost of healthcare.

If you need to purchase international health insurance, this is an added trip expense to consider. When shopping for insurance, It's a good idea for consumers to make sure they meet the minimum coverage requirements before they buy an insurance plan to avoid trouble once they reach their destination.

4. Changing entry rules and requirements

Since infection rates can worsen and change with time, entry rules and requirements also get updated. Keep on top of the news to ensure rules haven't changed before you depart. A significant change could result in you needing to adjust your plans or even completely change your itinerary. During your travels, stay updated on current rules and restrictions to avoid surprises.

Traveling around Europe or any other international destination can be fun and exciting, but it also requires more planning now. Make sure you prepare for potential added costs and complications so you can better enjoy your vacation.

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