A Goldman Sachs-Backed T-Mobile Credit Card Is Coming

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  • Goldman Sachs and T-Mobile are partnering to launch the wireless carrier's first credit card.
  • It could be similar to the rewards credit card that Verizon launched in 2020.

Details are scarce, but T-Mobile customers may soon be able to save on their cell phone bills.

T-Mobile, the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States, is planning to launch its own credit card. Although nothing has been announced yet, reports from Bloomberg indicate that Goldman Sachs and T-Mobile have reached a partnership agreement.

This will be Goldman Sachs' third credit card. It's also the card issuer of the popular Apple Card and the My GM Rewards Card. For T-Mobile, it's an opportunity to join the credit card world like rival Verizon did a few years ago.

What to expect from the T-Mobile credit card

There isn't any confirmed information available on the T-Mobile credit card, and it will probably be awhile before we get anything concrete. Even once the card is officially announced, it normally takes some time for details to be finalized and released to the public.

We do, however, have a recent point of reference in the Verizon Visa® Card. Since Verizon is a competitor of T-Mobile, it's reasonable to assume its credit cards will have some similar features. Based on what Verizon offers with its card, here are the benefits you might see from the T-Mobile credit card:

  • Rewards you can redeem toward T-Mobile purchases: For example, you'll probably be able to redeem rewards toward your T-Mobile bill. Alternatively, the card may offer cash back.
  • Bonus rewards in select spending categories: A higher bonus rate on T-Mobile purchases is practically a sure thing. There will also likely be some other bonuses in everyday spending categories, such as groceries, gas, and/or dining.
  • No annual fee: This is another one that's almost guaranteed. It's highly unlikely T-Mobile would charge an annual fee and miss out on lots of potential cardholders.
  • Special T-Mobile benefits: T-Mobile will probably offer at least one or two other unique perks, like an occasional free data pass or an international day pass for use while traveling.

One other perk to expect is quality customer service, as Goldman Sachs has done very well in this regard so far. It recorded the highest customer satisfaction rankings among midsize card issuers in J.D. Power's rankings for 2021 and 2022. Although Goldman Sachs is a fairly new card issuer, cardholders have been happy with it.

T-Mobile customers, stay tuned

It's still in the very early stages for T-Mobile's new credit card. Nothing has come out yet, and it could be another three to six months, or possibly longer, before we know more.

However, it's worth keeping an eye on this credit card news if you're a T-Mobile customer. The Verizon Visa® Card was a surprisingly good rewards credit card, with several money-saving benefits for people who have Verizon. If the T-Mobile credit card is at all similar, it could be a smart choice for saving money on your wireless bill.

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