COVID-19: Jobs That Are in Demand Now

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In these alarming times, some companies are hiring as fast as they can.

In these alarming times, some companies are hiring as fast as they can.

It's hard to believe that life was still going on as normal just a few weeks ago. Kids and teachers still went to school, restaurants were still open, and athletes were still competing in professional sports. Now those same teachers, restaurateurs, and athletes are all out of a job, at least temporarily, along with millions of others. It's possible the layoffs may continue as COVID-19 continues to spread. 

But as some industries are crippled, others are seeing unprecedented increases in profits. Some companies are growing their workforces due to increased demand for certain products and services and innovative workarounds for social-distancing restrictions. If you've lost your income due to COVID-19 and you're facing some tough financial decisions, here are five places you can turn to tide you over until we as a country find our new normal.

Grocery stores

Many grocery store chains, including Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and Albertsons, are hiring right now. This is to keep up with the increased demand from millions of Americans stocking up on food and other supplies as they self-isolate at home. Available jobs include cashiers and shelf stockers and in some cases, delivery drivers. Many of these stores are looking to hire people immediately and will presumably keep on the extra staff as long as the pressure from COVID-19 continues.


Amazon is reportedly hiring 100,000 new workers in its fulfillment centers nationwide to keep up with the increased demand of people ordering food and supplies online. The online retailer has over 110 fulfillment centers nationwide. Amazon is also raising the hourly wages of its fulfillment center employees through April with a $350 million investment. Employees can expect to earn an additional $2 per hour over the base regional hourly rate.

Cleaning services

Businesses that remain open are placing a higher priority on cleanliness than ever before to slow the spread of COVID-19, which has led to a 75% increase in job listings for janitors and cleaning services, according to ZipRecruiter. Hotels, universities, and office buildings are some of the key drivers of this increased demand.

Food delivery drivers

Restaurants have been forced to close due to social-distancing policies in many states. As a consequence, food delivery is becoming more popular for those who want to support their local restaurants or lack the time and resources to cook at home. Food delivery platforms like DoorDash, Postmates, and GrubHub are adapting their policies to offer no-contact deliveries, protecting the safety of both customers and drivers. Grocery delivery companies like Instacart are seeing a surge in demand as people try to avoid grocery stores. Some local restaurants are also starting to offer food delivery, even if it wasn't part of their services before, so it doesn't hurt to check with restaurants in your area to see if they need delivery drivers. This might not be your best choice if you’re worried about visiting people’s homes and possibly exposing yourself to COVID-19, though.

Census takers

Though unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak, the federal government is seeking the help of hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide to complete the 2020 census. Hours vary depending on the position and pay rates vary by location, but you will be paid weekly. Census taking -- which involves visiting the homes of individuals who have not yet completed the census -- is the most in-demand job. It requires minimal human contact, but those who are worried about contracting COVID-19 may be more interested in positions that don't require them to leave their local census office. All jobs include paid training. 

If you've lost your job due to coronavirus, there is still hope. Chances are, there are new work opportunities opening up in your area, including the five options listed above. Before you raid your savings account, inquire with local businesses to see if they are seeking any extra assistance during these unprecedented times. If we work together, we can all make these challenging times a little easier to bear.

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