Published in: Credit Cards | Jan. 21, 2019

How to Apply for a Capital One Credit Card

By:  Lyle Daly

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Decided that a Capital One credit card is right for you? This guide will have all the details you need on choosing your Capital One card and how you can apply.

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The credit card application process is straightforward enough -- after all, banks want consumers to apply for their cards. But it still helps to know what you’re doing, as you can pick a card that you qualify for and skate through the application process as quickly as possible. If it’s a Capital One card you’re after, here’s how you can choose from its many credit cards, how to apply, and what to expect once you apply.

Choosing the right card

Capital One has just about any type of credit card you could want, so it’s all a matter of choosing correctly. To do so, you need to take into account:

  • Your credit history
  • What credit card benefits are most important to you

Your credit history will determine what cards you qualify for. To help you with this, our Capital One credit cards list includes the recommended credit score for each card. If you’re building or rebuilding your credit, then you’ll likely need to start with a secured credit card. With fair credit, the Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card is one to consider.

When you’ve reached a good or excellent credit score, your options are open, as you have a solid shot at an approval on any Capital One card.

As far as card benefits go, here are the most common ones that consumers focus on, along with Capital One cards that stand out in each area:

How to apply for a Capital One credit card

Once you’ve chosen a Capital One card, it’s only a couple steps to apply.

1. Go to the credit card’s page and click “Apply Now.”
2. Enter the required information.

You’ll need to have the following information available to fill out the application.

  • Personal information: Full name, fate of birth, Social Security number
  • Contact information: Residential address (PO boxes aren’t allowed for credit card applications, but you can update your mailing address to a PO box if you’re approved), email address, phone number
  • Financial information: Employment status, annual income, monthly home payment (rent or mortgage), the types of bank accounts you have, monthly credit card spending 
3. Submit your application and wait for the results.

Ideally, you’ll get an answer right away -- or at least, within the minute or so that it takes for Capital One to process your information. The results could, however, take longer than that.

What happens after you submit your application?

There are three potential responses you’ll get after submitting your Capital One credit card application:

  • Instant approval
  • Instant denial
  • Wait and see

If it’s an approval, then you’re good to go. You’ll receive your card in the mail, and there’s nothing more you need to do on your end until you get it.

With a denial, I’d always recommend calling the Capital One reconsideration line. They can tell you why you were denied, and you can make your case for why they should reconsider your application. Capital One will also send you a letter in the mail with the denial reasons.

Finally, there’s application purgatory. When Capital One says it needs more time to review your application, you should receive a letter within seven to 10 business days on whether you were approved or denied. But you can also call Capital One as early as the next day to check your application’s status. The benefit of doing that is if you were denied, you can attempt to get a reconsideration immediately.

Getting your Capital One credit card

There’s nothing too difficult about applying for a Capital One credit card. You have to find the right card, which is easier than ever with all the information that’s available on card features and credit score requirements. Once you know what you want, the application itself should only take about five to 10 minutes.

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