The free, 3-minute guide to paying off debt and saving up to $1,863 in the process

Learn how to use balance transfer credit cards to pay off your debt faster

Worried about your credit card debt? You’re not alone.

In fact, about half of all Americans are worried by their debt. Which is not surprising, as total credit card debt in the United States reached $847 billion at the end of 2019.

The good news is, you do not have to be a part of that statistic. There’s a way you can pay off your debt and actually save money in the process -- by using a balance transfer credit card.

In The Ascent’s 3-minute guide to paying off debt with balance transfer cards, our experts show you:

  • The basics about balance transfers and how they can help you pay off your debt, faster
  • How balance transfer credit cards can help you avoid interest charges for as long as 21 months
  • How you can save up to $1,863 paying off $10,000 of debt

It’s time to stop stressing about your debt and start getting it under control. Simply fill out the form and kick start your debt-free journey.

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