Mercedes Races Into NFTs With New F1 Art

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  • As NFTs are incorporated into different types of sports, fans may find themselves increasingly invested in the metaverse to support their favorite events.
  • An NFT being publicly displayed in a televised event like the Miami Grand Prix could increase awareness of NFTs, making them desirable for a whole new crowd.
  • Because NFTs are so new, those who jump on board with them now are being given the chance to make history.

Mercedes NFTs: will they cross the finish line first or lag behind?

Speeding into the Miami Grand Prix this weekend are Mercedes’ new NFTs, which will be featured on the rear wings of the Mercedes team’s F1 vehicle. After displaying these new NFTs on the car during the race, Mercedes plans to auction off these rear wings along with the NFTs they are adorned with. Will NFTs make a big splash in the F1 scene, or will they speed by unnoticed by most fans?

F1 NFTs are here

In this new initiative by Mercedes, the car conglomerate is engaging in the world of non-fungible tokens in a big way, hoping to use them to jump-start a new wave of excitement for F1 racing fans by engaging with them like never before. The special NFT art featured on the vehicle’s rear wings are unique designs from artist Mad Dog Jones. Along with the auction of these groundbreaking NFTs, Mercedes plans to give out 2,500 free NFT “ticket stubs” at the majority of races, along with a 1,000 limited edition NFT mint at a few select races. As it is unclear which races will hand out these tokens, fans will want to be sure they don't miss a single race if they want to get their hands on the latest trend in F1 racing memorabilia.

NFTs in future events

With Mercedes showing off its NFT art on F1 cars, this could spark a new type of NFT branding for the world of high-speed racing. With so many brands placing the names of their products on cars that are entered into races of all kinds, we may end up seeing certain forward-thinking sponsorships that display other NFTs on racing vehicles. Crypto companies have already begun sponsoring F1 races, and NFTs could soon become commonplace in famous locations like Daytona and other types of races. This could boost the popularity of NFTs even further, as it will give racing fans a new reason to get interested in the world of digital collectibles.

The bottom line

As Mercedes prepares to show the world its newest NFT innovation, the world of F1 fandom could change drastically. The Mercedes team will be one to keep an eye on, both during the race and in the NFT space afterward. The commercial success of this venture could bring about a revolution for racing sponsorships, as well as a new category of popular NFTs in the form of F1 racing. Fans who want to support their favorite race teams will want to ensure they are ready to acquire the latest NFTs from Mercedes and beyond.

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