Why Algorand Is Up 10% Today

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  • Silvio Micali's vision of decentralized finance infrastructure that's also good for the planet is realized in Algorand.
  • Cross-chain bridge Wormhole launches support for Algorand, making Algorand the 10th layer-1 blockchain now compatible with it.
  • FIFA makes Algorand its official blockchain platform in a new partnership that will have huge positive effects on the company.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, and green blockchain tech company Algorand proves just that.

Algorand has made steady gains throughout its blockchain life. Born from a mission to make blockchain green and driven forward by strategic partnerships, this token has seen a 10% increase in just 24 hours.

Algorand's background

Founded in 2017 by Silvio Micali, Algorand is a decentralized, proof-of-stake, blockchain-based infrastructure that supports a wide range of applications, with the goal of sustainability in mind. It states, "From decentralized finance to generative NFT art (and everything in between), our sustainable blockchain is powering the economic models of the future." It boasts of a "green blockchain," with a focus on energy efficiency while using the most innovative technology. Algorand has even gone so far as to partner with ClimateTrade to offset its carbon footprint.

Present-day and future trajectory

There are a few speculative reasons we could cite for why Algorand is seeing growth today. This growth is especially impressive when so many cryptos are experiencing losses. One reason is that Wormhole, a cross-chain bridge backed by The Jump, has recently launched support for the Algorand blockchain. Wormhole acts as a bridge between blockchains that have difficulty communicating with one another. For instance, if you are holding assets on the Ethereum blockchain but want to transfer them to Solana, this is not an easy process because of the difference in the blockchain tech. But if these blockchains are supported by Wormhole, the tokens in question can be sent through Wormhole's Portal Bridge. During this process, the token is secured in a smart contract, and a "Portal-wrapped" version of that token is minted and available to trade on the new chain (in our example's case, Solana). The support from Wormhole increases Algorand's utility and versatility.

Another possible reason for the jump is that Algorand recently made some headlines with its announcement of a partnership with FIFA. The world's football association has been an early adopter of blockchain technology, even tokenizing tickets for the 2018 World Cup. According to FIFA, "the agreement means Algorand will become the official blockchain platform of FIFA and provide the official blockchain supported wallet solution. As per the sponsorship agreement, Algorand will be a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regional Supporter in North America and Europe, and a FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 Official Sponsor." This is not only incredible news for Silvio Micali and company but also for blockchain tech at large. Being embraced by a worldwide, renowned, and successful sports organization could be part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.

It remains to be seen how Algorand performs in the long run, but we can see some major wins today, and the price spike to match.

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