3 Ways Being a Reckless Driver Could Cost You

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  • Being reckless on the road could put your life and others in danger.
  • It could also result in you spending extra money. 

It pays to be safe on the road.

Lots of people who get caught driving recklessly don't intend to go out and wreak havoc on the road. Sometimes, innocent situations can escalate. You may find that you're running late to work, and so you speed down the road in an attempt to make up for lost time. Or, it may be that you're foggy after a poor night of sleep, and you're flagged for weaving in and out of lanes.

But while you may have a reason for driving in a less-than-safe manner, the reality is that reckless driving puts people's lives at risk. And it can also cost you money. Here's how.

1. Getting tickets

If you're caught doing something unsafe on the road, you could end up slapped with a costly ticket -- either for speeding or for another offense. And the cost there could be huge, depending on factors like how fast you were going. 

2. Higher insurance rates

A parking ticket may be annoying and costly, but it shouldn't have an impact on your auto insurance premiums. But if you're charged with a moving violation, that could easily drive the cost of your car insurance upward. 

It can take several years, in fact, for a moving violation to come off of your driving record, during which time you could end up paying more for auto insurance. And while you might be able to take a defensive driving course to get those points on your license taken off sooner, that's something you'll need to pay for as well, not to mention take the time to attend.

3. Having to repair your car if you damage it

Driving recklessly could result in a wide range of vehicle damage -- damage you might be on the hook to pay for. Even if your auto insurance kicks in to cover your costs, you'll still have a deductible to contend with. That's money coming out of your pocket.

Plus, if you do get into an accident, you might sustain injuries that result in costly medical bills. Worse yet, you may find yourself out of work for a period of time as you recuperate. That could put you in a tight financial spot if you don't have money in savings (and even if you do, that could mean having to deplete the cash reserves you've accumulated).

Be safe out there

Driving recklessly is a dangerous move that could hurt you in more ways than one. So do your best to avoid that behavior. If you're late to work or an appointment, call and explain your circumstances and ask for leeway. And if you're too tired or out of it to drive and need to get somewhere, hail a taxi or summon a rideshare. 

Driving recklessly is something that could, in more extreme cases, have legal consequences. So it's a situation you'll really want to avoid at all costs. And if that's not motivation enough, just think about the many different ways being a reckless driver could cost you some of your hard-earned money.

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