4 Car Buying Mistakes That Could Make Your Insurance More Expensive

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Don't end up regretting a vehicle purchase when the insurance bill comes.

Key points

  • The type of car a motorist has impacts their insurance costs.
  • Car buying mistakes could leave drivers with a much higher insurance bill.
  • Drivers can avoid this by checking rates before making a purchase.

When buying a car, most consumers think about factors such as the look of the vehicle, its horsepower, or the interior amenities it offers. But, there's also another important consideration: How much will the vehicle cost to insure?

Some cars are much more expensive to buy insurance for than others, but drivers may not be aware that they could end up with expensive auto insurance for the duration of the time they own their vehicle if they aren't careful.

To avoid getting stuck with high insurance bills for years to come, be sure to avoid these four car-buying mistakes.

1. Not checking the costs of insurance before purchasing

Many motorists don't know they can actually compare auto insurance costs for different vehicles before purchasing one.

For those deciding between a few different vehicles, it's worth getting insurance quotes first for each car under consideration before committing to buy one. That way, if a particular car is much more -- or less -- expensive to insure, drivers will know up front and can take that into account when making their purchasing choice.

2. Buying a car lacking in key safety features

Insurers consider the risk of a collision when setting premiums, and they also consider how likely a crash is to cause serious injury.

If a vehicle has good safety features, such as collision avoidance technologies and lots of air bags to reduce the risk of serious injuries if a crash does occur, then the chances of the insurer having to pay out a large claim are lower. As a result, the price of insurance isn't as high.

By contrast, if a car is lacking in some of the key safety features that similar vehicles have, the chances of something going wrong are greater. So, insurers will charge higher premiums to account for the added risk they are taking on by providing insurance for the unsafe vehicle.

Drivers should be sure to check what safety features are offered by each car they are considering before they purchase one. Not only can this help motorists save on insurance, but it could also reduce the likelihood that they -- or someone they love -- will be hurt in a motor vehicle accident.

3. Purchasing a vehicle with a poor accident record

Insurers track accident history on different vehicles. A car that has a history of becoming involved in a lot of accidents is going to cost more to insure.

It can be difficult for drivers to predict this without having access to the insurance company's loss data. But that's one key reason it pays to get insurance quotes before completing a car purchase.

4. Buying a car that's especially attractive to thieves

Insurance typically provides coverage for stolen cars, as well as for those that become involved in accidents -- as long as the driver buys comprehensive coverage.

Unfortunately, that means it is more expensive to insure vehicles that are more likely to be stolen. Again, it can be difficult for drivers to know this. So, checking insurance quotes before buying a car can help them find out if their vehicle is one that's especially attractive to thieves -- and thus more costly to insure.

The bottom line is this: Drivers need to be careful they don't find themselves facing surprisingly high auto insurance costs after purchasing a new car. It's worth taking steps to avoid these four key mistakes before making a new vehicle purchase.

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