5 Auto Insurance Discounts to Ask About

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There may be many opportunities to save on car insurance for those who ask.

Buying auto insurance can get expensive, but it's necessary. Not only are drivers generally required by law to have certain types of insurance coverage, but an auto insurance policy also serves as an important form of asset protection in case things go wrong behind the wheel.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways drivers can save on their policies and keep their premiums as affordable as possible.

Sometimes, however, motorists aren't aware of all of the savings they can qualify for. That's why it's a smart move for people who are buying coverage to ask their insurer if they qualify for any of these five discounts on car insurance.

1. Discounts based on employment

Many insurance companies provide savings to people who work for certain companies. For example, drivers who are active-duty military members or who work for the government could have an opportunity to pay a reduced premium, as could motorists who work for many different large companies throughout the United States.

Some car insurance companies have online databases of companies that qualify for discounts, which consumers can search. But insurers don't always know where their policyholders work in order to apply the discounts properly. As a result, it's a good idea for any driver buying coverage to ask about employment-related discounts in order to take full advantage of this chance to save.

2. Discounts based on memberships

Discounts could also be available for memberships in certain organizations, including auto clubs or professional organizations.

Again, motorists aren't always aware of what memberships entitle them to save -- and insurers can't apply the discount if they don't know a policyholder is a member. So when signing up for coverage, consumers should be sure to ask about what types of memberships could help reduce their premiums.

3. Low mileage discounts

Motorists who don't drive often could be entitled to a discount for their low mileage. It's up to individual drivers to ask about this discount, though, and to let their insurer know if they keep their annual miles driven below the level necessary to qualify. That's especially true for people who have had coverage for a while and who may have signed up for insurance when driving more miles than they currently do.

4. Good driver discounts

Insurers often provide motorists the opportunity to save money if they download an app that tracks their driving.

When signing up for coverage, drivers should ask if there are any opportunities to save if they're willing to allow their insurer to monitor their behavior behind the wheel through the use of a downloadable phone app.

5. Good grade discounts

Finally, if parents are signing up teens and young drivers for coverage or if young students are buying a policy of their own, it's worth asking about good student discounts.

These are usually available to people with at least a B average, although different insurers have their own requirements. Motorists need to ask about discounts for good grades, though, as insurers may not otherwise know about their strong academic record.

By exploring all of the opportunities for savings that are available, drivers may be able to make their auto insurance much more affordable. So be sure to check for these discounts when signing up for coverage or renewing it -- or consider contacting the insurance company today to check whether there are any discounts available that aren't being taken advantage of.

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