6 Ways to Get Discounted Car Insurance

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  • Car insurance can be very expensive but it is necessary for drivers.
  • These six discount options, including for good grades and for having certain car safety features, could help reduce premium costs.

These six discounts could slash premium costs for eligible drivers.

Car insurance is a necessary purchase but not necessarily a fun one, so most drivers want to spend as little as possible on premiums while still getting enough coverage to protect their assets. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to reduce the price of auto insurance without skimping on crucial protections

In fact, here are six potential discounts drivers can take advantage of to keep their costs down.  

1. Become a member of an organization that offers discounts

Many insurers offer premium savings for those who work for partner employers or who are members of partner organizations. For example, it might be possible to save on coverage by becoming a member of the National Geographic Society, or the Boat Owners Association of the United States, or one of dozens of other groups. 

Drivers should get a list of partner organizations their insurer offers discounts for and check if they are already members of any organization or can join one. If a free or cheap membership qualifies a motorist for savings, it may be worth joining. 

2. Take a defensive driving class

It's very common for insurers to offer savings to drivers who have completed a defensive driving course. These courses aim to equip motorists with techniques that can help reduce the chances of a crash. Drivers who are interested in exploring this opportunity to save on premiums should be sure to check with their insurer to find out what courses are approved. 

3. Bundle your insurance coverage

Insurers reward loyalty. In fact, drivers who buy auto insurance and other coverage from the same company can usually save on all of their policies. It's important to shop around separately for different kinds of coverage, though, to make sure the bundled discounted price really is the cheapest. 

Drivers should also make sure the insurer has a good reputation for each of the types of insurance being purchased. For example, don't buy car and home insurance from a company unless the insurer is known for paying claims promptly and efficiently if something goes wrong. 

4. Get good grades

When a younger driver is being insured, a good student discount can make a huge difference in terms of premium price. Find out what grades must be earned to qualify for the good student savings and aim to be able to capture this premium reduction.

5. Let the insurance company track driving habits

Insurers price policies based on risk, so drivers who show they don't take many risks on the road can usually get more affordable coverage. In fact, many insurance companies provide the option for drivers to get a reduced price on coverage by installing an app on their phone that tracks driving habits. 

Motorists who are confident they are safe behind the wheel -- and who don't mind letting their insurer track them for a while -- may be able to save a lot of money with this approach. 

6. Buy a car with lots of safety features 

Finally, insurers charge less for drivers who have cars with lots of safety features as these features can reduce the chance of a crash or serious injuries. So, buying a safe car can reduce the cost of premium prices. 

Taking advantage of any or all of these discounts can make a big impact, so drivers should consider trying to earn as many of them as possible. There's no reason to pass up the chance to reduce premium prices

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