Owning 1 of These 10 Vehicles Could Cost You More Than You Expect

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  • Auto insurers look at how expensive a vehicle is and how likely it is that they'll have to pay out a claim when setting premium rates.
  • There are steps drivers can take to reduce their insurance rates and protect their vehicles against loss.

They may not seem like much, but they present a hidden danger to your wallet.

Most people aren't shocked to hear that it costs more to insure a brand-new Ferrari than it does to insure my 13-year-old Mazda. One costs a lot more than the other to purchase, so naturally, it costs more to repair if it's damaged in an accident. But the cost of repairs isn't the only factor insurers look at when deciding how much to charge a driver for car insurance.

They also evaluate the likelihood that they'll have to pay out a claim in the first place. And it's this factor that comes back to bite with insuring the following 10 vehicles.

Accidents may be among the most common types of car insurance claims, but they're not the only ones. Leaving a car outside in a hailstorm can lead to significant damage. Or it might get vandalized or stolen.

When it comes to car theft, not all makes and models are created equal. You might think that the nicer, high-end cars would get stolen more often. But a lot of the time, it's ordinary vehicles.

The following 10 vehicles are the ones most commonly stolen by thieves, according to the Insurance Information Institute:

  1. Ford Pick-up (full size)
  2. Chevrolet Pick-up (full size)
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Toyota Camry
  6. Nissan Altima
  7. GMC Pick-up (full size)
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Honda CR-V
  10. Dodge Pick-up (full size)

Certain model years may be slightly more likely to get stolen than others, but this can change from year to year and from one city to another. It's safe to say that, just based on statistics, drivers of the above vehicles could pay a little more than drivers of less commonly stolen vehicles.

What to do if you own one of these vehicles

Drivers who are in the market for a new vehicle may wish to avoid these cars if they're concerned about the effect they could have on their auto insurance rates. But those who already own one of these vehicles probably don't need to rush out and sell it. There are other ways to reduce auto insurance rates.

Shop around for insurance

First, drivers can shop around and compare quotes from several companies. Each insurer weighs risk factors differently, so some may penalize drivers more for owning a certain make and model than another. It's best to get quotes from a handful of insurers before purchasing a policy to see which offers the best combination of adequate coverage, low prices, and great customer service.

Try anti-theft devices

Drivers should also consider taking steps to reduce the risk of their vehicle being stolen. This can involve keeping it in a garage rather than parking it on the street, or installing an anti-theft device in the vehicle. Some insurers give drivers discounts for taking these measures, which can lower insurance premiums.

Raise your deductible

And if that's not enough, drivers can raise their auto insurance deductibles. This will lead to higher out-of-pocket costs when the policyholder needs to file a claim, but it also lowers monthly premium costs.

No matter what kind of vehicle a driver owns, it's a good idea to take the above steps to protect the vehicle and reduce auto insurance rates. Hopefully, policyholders never have to file auto insurance theft claims, but it's better to be prepared and not need it than the reverse.

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