Thinking About Adding a Pool This Summer? Call Your Home Insurer First

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  • Some homeowners may be thinking about putting in a pool this summer.
  • Putting in a pool can affect home insurance costs.
  • It can be a good idea to understand the ongoing expenses before moving forward with pool construction.

Don't add a pool without considering the impact on home insurance.

Putting in a swimming pool may seem like a very attractive idea as the weather gets warmer. But before moving forward with adding a pool, homeowners should consider contacting their home insurance company first.

Calling an insurer and asking about a pool addition can help homeowners fully understand the ongoing expenses associated with a backyard swimming area.

Here's why adding a pool affects home insurance costs

Adding a swimming pool will undoubtedly change the amount of home insurance premiums a homeowner must pay.

See, a pool is an expensive structure that becomes part of the property. Many people spend tens of thousands of dollars putting in the pool. As a result, homeowners will want to make sure their insurance covers the pool itself. If something happens to it, they'll want to ensure the insurance company pays for rebuilding or repairing it.

This means homeowners will need to increase their coverage for their dwelling and other structures on the property. And when coverage needs increase, premiums go up.

The costs actually go beyond just adding more coverage for the pool itself, though. A pool increases the risk of something going wrong at the home. Visitors could drown or otherwise get injured because of a pool, and this means a homeowner faces a greater risk of a lawsuit by a victim who is injured on their property. As a result, liability insurance premiums will go up.

Homeowners who want added protection for their assets in light of this increased risk will also want to consider raising their liability coverage limits. So that means adding even more coverage, and thus raising liability insurance premiums even beyond the added cost that just comes with an additional risk.

Insurers can help homeowners estimate their added premiums

It's important to take the added home insurance premiums into account when deciding if adding a pool is worth it. After all, pools can cost a lot of money to construct and operate, and additional insurance premiums just make costs rise further. Homeowners will want to be sure it's really worth all these added expenses before they spend money on a pool.

Home insurance companies can provide an estimate of how much adding a pool will increase insurance costs so homeowners can make informed choices. If a homeowner discovers that premiums will go up dramatically, it may also be worth shopping around for different coverage.

Some insurers price the risk of pools differently than others, and changing insurance companies could help keep costs down. It's best to know upfront if this will be necessary, or if it is even an option, and asking an insurer for an estimate before putting in a pool will give homeowners the time they need to shop around for the best and most affordable policy.

For all of these reasons, any homeowner who is thinking about pool construction should call their insurer ASAP -- and consider reaching out to some other insurance companies too. This will allow them to get the right coverage in place, and make sure the enjoyment a pool will bring is worth the added cost.

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