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The Best Cheap Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance for 2024

Kailey Hagen
By: Kailey Hagen

Our Insurance Expert

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Homeowners insurance can be costly, but when a disaster happens, the protection it provides is invaluable. The price for Pennsylvania home insurance is reasonable compared to the national average, but exact rates depend on several factors.

Here's a look at which companies offer the best homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania for several common profiles:

  • Cheapest overall for Pennsylvania: Cumberland Mutual Insurance
  • Cheapest for new home construction: Cumberland Mutual Insurance
  • Cheapest for older homes: Cumberland Mutual Insurance
  • Cheapest for homeowners who have filed a claim: Cumberland Mutual Insurance

Cheapest overall for Pennsylvania

Cumberland Mutual Insurance offers the best cheap homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania overall. Its average premium is just $397 per year. That's well under the state average of $1,047 per year.

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Cumberland Mutual
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These insurers are also some of the best homeowners insurance companies in Pennsylvania:

  • American Select Insurance, where the average Pennsylvania homeowner pays $433 per year
  • Penn National Insurance, which charges homeowners about $596 annually

Cheapest for new home construction

Cumberland Mutual Insurance offered the best Pennsylvania home insurance rate for new construction. Its average annual premium is about $257. The state average annual premium for new construction is $582.

Owners of new Pennsylvania homes should also consider:

  • Erie Insurance, which charges Pennsylvania homeowners about $312 per year
  • American Select Insurance, which has an average annual premium of $319

Cheapest for older homes

Older Pennsylvania homes cost about $1,036 to insure on average. But customers who go with Cumberland Mutual Insurance can get the same coverage for $335 per year.

Those with older homes might want to also consider the following companies:

  • American Select Insurance, which charges about $436 per year for Pennsylvania home insurance on older homes
  • Farmers, where home insurance for older homes costs about $584 per year

Cheapest when you've made a claim

Cumberland Mutual is also the most affordable option for homeowners who have filed a claim. These individuals normally pay about $1,120 for Pennsylvania home insurance. But they can get coverage from Cumberland for just $424 per year.

These insurers also offer affordable rates for homeowners with a claim history:

  • American Select, which charges these homeowners about $433 per year on average
  • Penn National Insurance, where homeowners who have filed one claim pay about $604 per year

Average home insurance cost in Pennsylvania compared to the national average

Pennsylvania home insurance is pretty reasonable compared to the national average. Here's a table showing how its average prices stack up to the rest of the country.

Average Rate Category Pennsylvania National Average
Overall $1,047 $1,725
New home construction $582 $943
Older homes $1,036 $1,658
When making a claim $1,120 $1,803

Pennsylvania homeowners insurance overview

Here are some things homeowners should know when shopping for Pennsylvania home insurance.

Pennsylvania homes are a little more affordable than average

The average home in Pennsylvania costs about $234,684, according to The Ascent's research on average home prices by state. That's a little below the national average, and it could help explain the state's affordable premiums. But homes that are more expensive than this will cost more to insure.

Location within the state matters

Homes in Philadelphia and the surrounding area cost more to insure than homes in the rest of the state. The south-central part of the state has the most affordable premiums. Homeowners here pay about $700 less per year than Philadelphia residents.

What are the most common homeowners insurance claims in Pennsylvania?

Here's a look at some of the most common home insurance claims in Pennsylvania.

Lightning and fire damage

Pennsylvania homeowners filed nearly 2,400 lightning home insurance claims in 2020, according to research compiled by the Insurance Information Institute. That's the ninth-most of any state in the nation. In some cases, lightning can lead to house fires.

Winter storm damage

Pennsylvania gets hit with massive winter storms. This is typical of most states in the northern half of the country. This can lead to freezing or burst pipes. When there's a lot of snow, roof collapse is also a danger.

Flood damage

Flood damage is a concern in every part of the country, especially for homes in low-lying areas. While Pennsylvania isn't on the coast, it's near enough that some hurricanes bring in heavy rains. That can lead to flooding. But floods aren't covered under a typical home insurance policy. Homeowners seeking protection against flood damage will need a flood insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance coverage options and discounts in Pennsylvania

Here's a look at how several popular home insurance discounts affect Pennsylvania home insurance rates.

Bundling is the best way to save

Bundling home and auto insurance drops the average Pennsylvania home insurance premium to $819 per year. No other single action lowers home insurance premiums that significantly. It's usually a good idea for homeowners to look into insuring their car and house through the same company.

A new roof is worth the investment

Redoing a home's roof lowers the cost of Pennsylvania home insurance to about $890 per year on average. Homeowners who replace their roof should notify their insurance company right away. They should also shop around to see if they can score a better deal on their insurance.

Adding sprinklers can shave over $100 off the average premium

Pennsylvania homes with sprinklers pay about $904 per year for their coverage. That's over $100 less than the national average. But it's important to note that not all insurers offer discounts for sprinklers. Homeowners thinking about adding these can look for an insurer that will reward them for it.

5 cheapest cities in Pennsylvania for homeowners insurance

The following cities have the lowest average Pennsylvania home insurance premiums.

City Name Average Home Insurance Rate
Shiloh $832
Elizabethtown $833
Shrewsbury $838
Leola $839
Landisville $842
East York $842

5 most expensive cities in Pennsylvania for homeowners insurance

Residents of these cities pay the most for Pennsylvania home insurance on average.

City Name Average Home Insurance Rate
Philadelphia $1,584
Lenni $1,403
Yeadon $1,390
Edgemont $1,382
Glen Riddle Lima $1,380

But these are just averages. Many Pennsylvania residents can find affordable homeowners insurance rates if they shop around and take advantage of discounts.

Our Insurance Expert