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Chubb Homeowners Insurance Review: Plenty of Extras at No Extra Cost

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Kailey Hagen
By: Kailey Hagen

Our Insurance Expert

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This homeowners insurance is a good fit for: Customers who put a premium on claims satisfaction, and those interested in extended replacement cost coverage.

Chubb homeowners insurance draws in homeowners with some unconventional perks, including extended replacement cost coverage on every policy. It's also one of the best in the industry in terms of claims satisfaction -- something homeowners are notoriously negative about in most customer surveys. Check out the full homeowners insurance review to learn more about what Chubb has to offer.


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Best for Claims SatisfactionChubb
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Full Chubb homeowners insurance review


  • Extended replacement cost coverage comes standard
  • Cash settlement option for total losses
  • A slate of complimentary services included at no charge
  • High claims satisfaction


  • Unimpressive customer service
  • Few homeowner discounts

Chubb homeowners insurance at a glance

Top perks

Extended replacement cost coverage on all policies

All Chubb homeowners insurance policies include replacement cost coverage. Chubb pays the homeowner whatever it costs to repair a home following a covered claim -- even if the cost exceeds the policy limit. Not all insurers offer this, and most that do make it available only as an optional endorsement.

Cash settlement option for total losses

Chubb pays to help homeowners rebuild their homes following a total loss. But it also offers a cash settlement option for those who choose not to rebuild their homes, or who choose not to rebuild in the same area. Customers receive a check up to the policy limit, which they can use to buy a new home or rebuild elsewhere.

Variety of complimentary services included

Chubb offers a variety of extras on all its policies. These include its Property Manager service for second homes in hurricane-prone areas and its Wildfire Defense service for customers in wildfire-prone areas. It also includes its HomeScan service, which helps homeowners detect potential problems that could lead to a claim before they happen. Customers also get water and sewer backup coverage included standard.

Excellent claims satisfaction

Chubb received the third-highest score in J.D. Power's U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction study. This backs up Chubb's claim that 97% of its customers who had a claim paid said they were satisfied with the experience.

What could be improved

Homeowners discounts

Chubb gives its homeowners a discount if they bundle home insurance with auto or valuable articles coverage. But there doesn't appear to be any other way to reduce monthly premiums. That said, Chubb's average premiums are below the national average.

Customer service

Though Chubb's claims satisfaction is high, its overall customer satisfaction appears to be lacking. It fell near the bottom of J.D. Power's U.S. Home Insurance Study. But the reviews on the company's website are largely positive.

Alternatives to consider

When looking for a home insurer with great customer service: American Family is worth considering. It fared well in J.D. Power's U.S. Home Insurance Study and U.S. Property Claims Study. But it doesn't offer some of the extra services Chubb does.

When looking for a home insurer with more discounts: Allstate offers a good selection of homeowners discounts. It also offers a variety of other types of insurance for those interested in bundling. But extended replacement cost coverage isn't an option.


Chubb home insurance is more affordable than the national average, despite its lack of homeowners discounts. Here's a look at its average annual premiums for new and older homes.

Profile Cost
new home (2021 construction) $1,100
older home (1971 construction) $1,376

Discounts available

The only discount Chubb seems to offer is for bundling homeowners insurance with auto or valuable articles coverage. While most insurers don't offer a ton of homeowners discounts, Chubb offers even fewer than most. But it still keeps its rates pretty reasonable.

Coverage options

Chubb offers a variety of homeowners insurance coverage options.

Dwelling coverage

This protects the home against covered losses like fires and hurricanes.

Other structures coverage

This pays to repair garages, fences, and other buildings on the property.

Additional living expense coverage

This coverage pays for alternative housing if the homeowner is forced to vacate following a covered claim.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects a homeowner who is sued.

Extended replacement cost coverage

This pays to rebuild the home with similar fixtures, even if the cost exceeds the policy's limits. It's standard on all Chubb homeowners insurance policies.

Water and sewer backup coverage

This coverage pays for damages caused by water or sewer lines backing up into the home. It's optional protection with most insurers. But Chubb offers it standard on all its policies.

Application process

Those interested in a Chubb homeowners insurance policy should reach out to an independent agent. The agent can help them figure out how much coverage they need and facilitate the purchase.

Once customers have a policy, they can go online to view policy terms, file a claim, pay bills, and more.

Customer service and ratings

Chubb has received mixed customer satisfaction reviews. The ones on its website are overwhelmingly positive. But J.D. Power's U.S. Home Insurance Study tells a different story. Here, Chubb fared among the worst of the companies surveyed.

But one thing that doesn't seem to be in doubt is its claims satisfaction. In J.D. Power's U.S. Property Claims Study, Chubb received the third-highest score. This suggests that most of its customers who file a claim are happy with the way it's handled.

This homeowners insurance is the best option if:

Chubb could be a smart choice for homeowners if:

  • They want extended replacement cost coverage on a home.
  • Fair and efficient claims handling is important to them.
  • They like the idea of a cash settlement option if they choose not to rebuild.

But those who prefer a company with great all-around customer service should give American Family a closer look. And those seeking more discounts may prefer Allstate.

DID YOU KNOW? Chubb also offers auto insurance. Check out The Ascent's complete Chubb Auto Insurance Review.

Our Insurance Expert