4 Pet Insurance Myths You Can't Afford to Fall For

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  • Pet insurance can shield animal owners from expensive veterinary bills.
  • Many people have misconceptions that prevent them from buying pet insurance.
  • Don't assume pet insurance is too costly, too limited, or not available for older pets.

Owners can't let misconceptions prevent them from protecting their pets.

Most pet owners will do everything they can to provide the best care for their animals. Sometimes, however, owners end up falling for misconceptions about pet insurance that leads them to make the wrong decision when it comes to whether or not to buy coverage.

The reality is, there are myths about pet insurance that are simply not true -- and owners shouldn't fall for them. Here are four of those big misconceptions pet owners absolutely should not buy into.

1. It's too expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions that prevents animal owners from buying insurance for their pets is the belief that coverage is too expensive. The reality is that pet insurance can be extremely affordable -- especially if it is purchased when an animal is younger and still in good health.

Pet owners should shop around and get quotes from several different insurance providers before making the decision about whether a policy fits into their budget. It is also important to remember that pet insurance makes future costs more predictable and allows pet owners to avoid having to choose between spending a fortune on care or allowing animals to go untreated if something goes wrong.

2. It's not available for older animals

Another mistaken belief that prevents some pet owners from getting covered is the idea that policies can only be purchased when an animal is young.

The reality is, many pet insurers provide coverage even for elderly pets. While pre-existing conditions an animal has developed won't be covered, a policy can still provide protection against vet bills for other issues that arise. And if an older pet has no pre-existing medical issues, coverage may still be extremely comprehensive and pay for any future care needs.

3. It's annoying to make claims

Some pet owners are reluctant to buy pet insurance because they believe the claims process will be too much of a hassle. That's because most pet insurance works differently than human insurance. Typically, owners will pay their vets for care and then submit a claim for reimbursement. This can seem like a burden if it means paying expensive vet bills out-of-pocket and having to wait for an insurer to send a check.

The good news is, this should not be an obstacle to getting covered. Many pet insurers promise to pay claims very quickly -- especially if the claim is submitted online. It's also possible to get pre-approved for expensive treatments so there are no unpleasant surprises. And a few pet insurers will even pay vets directly, so this eliminates the need for large out-of-pocket spending if that's a priority.

4. You're limited in what vets you can use

Finally, some people don't want to buy pet insurance because they are afraid it will mean they have to select a specific vet that works with their insurer. But this usually is not the case. Unlike human health insurance, there are usually no "networks" with pet insurance providers. Animal owners can take their pet to any licensed veterinarian for care.

By learning the truth about these common myths, hopefully owners can make a more informed choice about getting the coverage needed to offer the very best care for their furry family members.

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