This Is a Dog's Average Pet Insurance Cost by Age

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  • More pet owners have been getting pet insurance for their dogs, which can cover veterinary care costs and emergency surgeries.
  • Premiums vary based on your location, the type of policy you choose, the breed, and age of your dog, and much more.
  • The average monthly premiums for puppies and 1.5-year-old dogs are $40 and for 5.5-year-old dogs are close to $50.

Check out the average pet insurance premiums by age.

Around 70% of American households in the U.S. own a pet. Dogs are the most common pet with 69 million owning at least one dog. Since 1988, pet ownership has increased by 25% and spending on our pets has grown fourfold to $109 billion. This includes pet insurance. Pet insurance is an insurance policy that helps offset veterinary bills should your dog become sick or injured.

Emergency treatment for your dog can be expensive, with the average cost of emergency veterinary surgery for dogs ranging between $1,500 to $5,000. More dog owners have been getting pet insurance since the cost of veterinary care has increased as our dogs are now living longer. Pet insurance can help manage preventative care, pay for illness treatment, and cover emergency veterinary costs for their pets. The premiums for pet insurance is based on the breed of your dog, age, location, and much more. Here is the average pet insurance cost by age. 

How much does pet insurance cost for dogs?

There are two main types of dog insurance coverages that pet insurance companies offer: Accident & Illness (A&I) Coverage and Accident-Only (AO) Coverage. A&I policies, also known as "comprehensive policies," cover accidents plus minor and major illnesses such as cancer, infection, and digestive problems. AO policies only cover accidents such as car accidents, foreign body ingestion, lacerations, poisoning, and ligament tears. Here are the average costs for each type of policy.

Accident and Illness average premiums

  • Annual: $594.15
  • Monthly: $49.51

Accident-Only average premiums

  • Annual: $218.13
  • Monthly: $18.17

The average monthly premium cost for dogs varies widely based on different factors. Premiums can be as high as $61.29 in California and as low as $33.97 in Wyoming. The age of your dog is also a big factor in determining the cost. 

Pet insurance cost by age

Pet insurance costs are typically higher for older dogs since they will more likely need expensive veterinary care. Premiums are typically lowest for younger dogs since they tend to be healthier.

  • Average premium for 6-month-old puppy: $39.39
  • Average premium for 18-month-old dog: $39.34
  • Average premium for 5.5-year-old dog: $48.89

Average premiums for a 5.5-year old dog can be as high as $70.76 in California and as low as $39.10 in Wyoming. Pet insurance premiums are also based on the type of coverage you choose, the deductible, and on the breed of your dog. Premiums for larger dogs like Rottweilers and Great Danes can be almost double that of smaller dogs like Shiba Inus and Shih Tzus. Larger breeds tend to have more issues with their joints, ligaments, and bones due to their weight. Some other breeds such as Bulldogs are more expensive to insure because they are prone to more health issues.

Since many of us consider our pets as family, getting a pet insurance policy can give us peace of mind, especially as our dogs get older. Hospitalizations can cost $800 to $1,500 per night and one trip to the emergency room for a dog would be worth the $600 in average annual premium. The best pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars a year on emergency treatment and prescription medication.

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