What Is Preventative Pet Insurance?

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  • Preventative pet insurance covers the cost of routine care.
  • This includes wellness exams, annual teeth cleaning, and bloodwork. 
  • The best time to purchase preventative pet insurance is when pets are young and healthy.

The cheapest cure for disease is prevention.

Preventative pet insurance can help keep your pets from getting sick. Unlike regular pet insurance, it covers non-emergency costs like vaccines, teeth cleaning, or general wellness exams. 

But preventative pet insurance doesn't always come standard with a pet insurance policy. Frequently, it's an add-on. Costs vary depending on your pet and their level of coverage. For example, Lemonade offers pet owners preventative packages ranging from $10 to $44 monthly. However, the extra cost could save you a bundle in the long run. It can even help you save for treatment you want to pay for immediately.

How much could preventative pet insurance save you?

Preventative pet insurance reimburses you for keeping your pets healthy. It helps cover the cost of things you'll want to pay for regardless, like regular checkups.

Here are some things covered by many preventative health plans:

  • Wellness exams ($50-$250 out-of-pocket cost)
  • Annual teeth cleaning ($300-$500 out-of-pocket cost)
  • Blood tests ($80-$200 out-of-pocket cost)

Preventative packages typically pay a portion of out-of-pocket costs. For example, a package might cover up to $50 of a wellness exam, saving pet owners $50/year in checkup fees.

The cost of annual pet ownership is high. For dog owners, first-year expenses typically cost $1,050 to $4,480, while recurring expenses usually cost $480 to $3,470 annually. Preventative pet insurance can shave down these costs.

Preventative insurance does more than reduce costs now. By paying more now, pet owners may avoid shelling out for expensive treatments down the line. That's because checkup discounts motivate owners to get their furry friends to the vet for regular exams.

For example, say your plan offers partial reimbursement for dental cleaning. That motivates you to drive your dog Fluffles to the vet for dental care once a year. Fluffles is then less likely to develop periodontal disease, a painful gum disease that can cost thousands of dollars to treat. Huzzah!

You can avoid expensive treatments by combining regular checkups with cost-saving preventative care coverage. Plus, your pet ends up happier and healthier, a win-win.

Preventative pet insurance saves you on costs now and later. That makes it worth the price for owners who can afford it. But there are legitimate reasons to avoid purchasing the add-on. 

Why not buy preventative pet insurance?

Preventative pet insurance is great, but it isn't for everyone. Here are some reasons to think twice before tacking on a preventive care add-on to your pet policy.

Not all insurances offer preventative care riders. Switching insurers could bump your monthly premiums if you've stuck with the same insurer for a while.

It's too expensive to pay for comprehensive care. Adding preventative maintenance to your plan typically bumps the cost of coverage. If your pet is older or suffers from pre-existing conditions, you may be unable to find an affordable plan that fits your needs. 

Is preventative pet insurance worth it?

You'll have to run the numbers to see if it's worth it for your pet. The cost of insurance varies based on factors like your pet's breed, age, and general health. Consider shopping around for insurance that meets your needs. 

The best time to purchase preventative insurance is when pets are young and healthy. It's cheaper and gives you time to form healthy habits, like taking your pet for regular checkups. 

Ultimately, preventative pet insurance can save you thousands in veterinary operations and gives pet owners peace of mind. The best pet insurance for routine care offers pet owners competitive prices and covers a wide range of care.

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