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Nationwide Pet Insurance Review: Healthcare Protection for the Pets in Our Lives

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Dana George
By: Dana George

Our Insurance Expert

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There are hidden costs associated with owning a pet, but healthcare should not have to be one of them. Nationwide provides pet care insurance to help reduce the amount a pet owner shells out for the care of a beloved companion.

This pet insurer is a good fit for: Pet parents who already do business with Nationwide or want the security of an established, well-financed company.


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Nationwide Pet Insurance Snapshot


Nationwide is one of the more expensive pet insurances on the market.


The only policy discount offered is a 5% multi-pet price break.


Nationwide offers a couple of nice perks, including a 24/7 veterinarian helpline. Another perk is that pet owners don't have to check a list before heading out to the veterinarian -- Nationwide coverage is good at any vet's office, anywhere in the U.S.

Customer Service

While it's important to remember that many people who post online do so because they're angry, Nationwide has a lot of angry customers. The primary complaint appears to be how often the company associates any new illness or injury with an uncovered pre-existing condition.

Full Nationwide pet insurance review


  • Offers coverage for birds and exotic pets
  • Oldest and largest pet insurer, with solid financial stability
  • Partnership with Walmart lowers the cost of pet medications
  • Fixed, annual $250 deductible


  • Lower premiums available through other insurers
  • Wellness plan can only be added to some plans

Top perks

Financial strength

Nationwide has a financial strength rating of A+ from A.M. Best, which should provide pet owners with a sense of confidence that coverage will be available when needed.

Exotic pet coverage

Historically, it's been tough to find a dependable insurer for birds, rabbits, and exotic pets. Nationwide is the only pet insurance company offering such coverage.

Lower medication costs

Nationwide acknowledges how expensive pet medications can be for pet families. The company's partnership with Walmart will, hopefully, provide low-cost medications for pets that require them.

Policy discount

Once a pet owner has a policy in place for one pet, they can enroll subsequent pets with Nationwide Pet Insurance at a 5% discount.

What could be improved

Wellness coverage not available with all plans

Wellness costs ‐‐ including check-ups, flea and heartworm testing and treatment, and vaccinations ‐‐ can become expensive. It would be nice if Nationwide would make the wellness add-on available on all plans for pets of all ages.

No coverage for spaying or neutering

None of Nationwide's plans cover spaying or neutering, both of which help control the pet population while protecting the health of pets.

Policies can leave gaps in coverage

Nationwide sets an annual maximum reimbursement amount for each covered condition, so the pet owner is responsible for any amount in excess. Let's say a pet's condition is serious enough to incur high medical costs early in a calendar year. If the condition is chronic, the pet owner pays for all medical treatment after that annual maximum is reached until the next year.


The table below shows the rough average cost of insuring a pet. The specific number will depend on three things: The age of the pet, the level of coverage desired, and which reimbursement rate works best with the pet owner's budget.

Average cost for dogs $35 per month
Average cost for cats $25 per month
Deductible levels $250 per covered condition
Reimbursement rates 50% and 70%
Data source: Online quotes compiled by author.

Alternatives to consider

If you want a pet insurance company offering policies as low as $10 per month: Lemonade shines where Nationwide doesn't. But keep in mind that Lemonade doesn't offer coverage for any pets other than dogs or cats.

If you want a pet insurance company that offers a 10% multi-pet discount: Spot may be a better option. However, it doesn't offer pet owners the prescription discounts of Nationwide.

Policy options

Whole Pet

Nationwide's Whole Pet® provides major medical coverage for illness and injury, but with a boost. Let's say a dog is hit by a car and needs surgery. This policy would cover the examination, tests, and surgery, reimbursing a percentage of the total cost. In short, it provides more comprehensive coverage than Major Medical (below), leaving more in the pet owner's bank account.

Major Medical

While this coverage costs a bit less than a Whole Pet plan, it doesn't provide the same level of coverage. For example, if a pet is born with a heart murmur or other medical issue, this is not covered under Major Medical. In addition, the plan is paid out according to a strict benefit schedule. That means that pet owners are reimbursed a specific amount for covered conditions, no matter how much they actually pay for treatment.


A wellness plan pays up to $500 per year for services like vaccinations, flea and heartworm tests, and other everyday wellness needs. The drawback is that wellness plans are not available for every pet. It depends, in part, on the age of the pet when the owner purchases the policy.



Pet owners with Nationwide coverage for one pet receive a 5% policy discount for any subsequent pet enrolled.

Application process

The application process is fast and easy. A pet owner can either call 800-872-7387 to apply for coverage or fill out an online application. Owners are asked simple questions, like the type of pet and approximate age.

What types of pets are eligible for Nationwide Pet insurance?

What sets Nationwide Pet Insurance apart from its competition is that it offers coverage for birds and exotic pets, in addition to dogs and cats.

Customer service and ratings

Customer service is a mixed bag when it comes to Nationwide's pet coverage. For example, customers who reviewed the company on Yelp gave it an average of 2 out of 5 stars, with most complaints involving trouble getting the company to reimburse veterinary expenses.

This pet insurer is a good choice for:

Nationwide Pet Insurance is best suited for people who:

  • Carry other types of Nationwide insurance and wish to keep all their policies under one roof
  • Own a bird or other exotic pet

But pet owners may want to consider Lemonade if they're looking for lower premiums, or Spot if they hope to land a larger multi-pet discount.

Our Insurance Expert