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Pets Best Review: Pet Insurance With Convenient Online Submissions and Pays Your Vet Directly

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David Chang, ChFC®, CLU®
By: David Chang, ChFC®, CLU®

Our Insurance Expert

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This pet insurer is a good fit for: Anyone who wants their pet insurer to pay their vet directly and doesn't want to pay out of pocket.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Snapshot

The cost of pet insurance depends on many variables, such as the type of pet, breed, sex, age, where you live, coverage limit, and the deductible. Pets Best states on its site that pet insurance plans for dogs start at $9 per month for the accident-only plan, and start at $35 per month for comprehensive accident and illness coverage. Cat health insurance premiums start at $6 per month for accident-only coverage, and start at $22 for plans with coverage for both accidents and illnesses.


Pets Best offers a 5% discount for military or veterans, coverage for multiple pets, union members, teachers, animal clinic staff, or if you have Progressive or Farmers insurance policies. The maximum discount you can earn is 15% if you are eligible for multiple discounts.

Pets Best states that it offers pet insurance policies with customizable coverages and rates based on your budget. It offers a 24/7 Pet Helpline where you can talk to veterinary experts who can answer your questions. One of the biggest perks is that Pets Best offers Vet Direct Pay, where the insurer will pay your vet directly. Most insurers require you to pay out of pocket and will reimburse you for veterinary care costs. Pets Best allows you to easily submit claims through its Android and iOS apps.

Customer Service

Pets Best does not offer 24/7 customer care or a live chat option. Pets Best states that its staff is well trained and experienced in the veterinary industry. When submitting a claim, you can submit online in your customer account, through the mobile app, or via fax or email.

Full Pets Best review


  • Vet Direct Pay
  • 24/7 Pet Helpline
  • Wide range of coverage plans
  • No pet age limit for coverage


  • Coverage is only available for cats and dogs
  • Exam fees are not included
  • Two annual limit options
  • No 24/7 customer care

Top perks

Vet Direct Pay

Most pet insurance companies reimburse you after you pay the vet bill out of pocket. If you are hit with a very large and unexpected vet bill and can't afford it, you may have to max out your credit card. But Pets Best offers optional Vet Direct Pay, which pays your vet directly for any claim reimbursement amount.

24/7 Pet Helpline

Pets Best offers a 24/7 Pet Helpline where you can talk with veterinary experts day or night. Veterinary experts are available to help educate and provide advice and decision support to pet owners by phone, live chat, and email, from urgent care to behavioral questions, along with any other question you may have.

Wide range of coverage plans

Pets Best offers a complete selection of high coverage limits, including unlimited coverage plans. You can customize BestBenefit plans to meet the pet insurance needs of your pet and budget.

No age limit

Pets Best has no upper age limits on accident and illness plans. You can enroll your pets in an accident-only or accident and illness plan at any age and keep the same level of coverage as they grow older.

What could be improved

Only available for cats and dogs

Pets Best only covers cats and dogs. You will have to find another insurance company if you have a different kind of pet to insure.

Exam fee not included

Almost every vet visit includes an exam fee. Pets Best does not reimburse you unless you add Routine Care Coverage to your plan. This means you'll need to pay more if you'd like exam fees covered. Some pet insurance companies include exam fees as part of their coverage.

Two annual limit options

Plans only have two annual limit options for accident and illness policies: $5,000 or unlimited. This can make it harder to keep your plan affordable while maintaining great coverage over the years.

No 24/7 customer care

Best Pets does not offer 24/7 customer service or live chat. Its operating hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST and Saturday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. MST.


Pricing for Accident Only plans is $6 per month for cats and $9 per month for dogs.

Average cost for dogs Average between $35 and $58 per month for comprehensive accident and illness coverage.
Average costs for cats Average between $22 and $46 per month for plans with coverage for accidents and illnesses.
Deductible Levels From $50 up to $1,000.
Reimbursement Rates 70%, 80%, 90%
Data source: Pets Best.

Alternatives to consider

If you want a pet insurer that offers no deductible and pays the vet directly: Trupanion also pays veterinarians directly, which means pet owners pay less out of pocket. Trupanion also has flexible deductibles, including a $0 deductible. As opposed to annual deductibles that pet owners have to pay every year with most pet insurers, Trupanion's deductible is a condition-based, lifetime deductible that pet owners pay only once per health issue and all its complications.

If you want a pet insurer with a declining deductible and that covers the exam fee: Embrace has a feature called the "Healthy Pet Deductible." For every year a pet owner doesn't receive a claim reimbursement, the deductible is reduced the next year by $50. Many pet insurance companies have waiting periods from 14 to 30 days before coverage kicks in. Waiting periods for Embrace are just two days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses. Many insurers also do not cover the cost of a pet's exam fee, but Embrace covers the exam fee for all covered accidents and illnesses.

Policy options

You can customize your coverage by choosing from three types of insurance plans: routine care, accident-only, and accident and illness.

Accidental injury insurance

Accident-Only plan for dogs

The Accident-Only plan is the most affordable coverage for your dog. This type of pet insurance for dogs can cover vet bills associated with injuries like broken bones, bite wounds, and swallowing foreign objects. Accident-Only plans do not cover medical issues such as illness or cancer. Pricing: $9 per month

Accident-Only plan for cats

This type of cat insurance can cover bills associated with injuries such as bites, wounds, broken bones, and swallowing objects. This plan won't cover illness. Pricing: $6 per month

Accident and illness insurance

BestBenefit plan for dogs

A BestBenefit plan can cover everything an Accident-Only plan does, plus any illness your dog suffers, unless it involves a pre-existing condition. With this plan's comprehensive coverage, you can get reimbursed for emergency care, diagnostic tests, and visits to specialists. Average cost: $35 to $58 per month.

BestBenefit plan for cats

A BestBenefit plan can also cover any ailment your cat suffers, except pre-existing conditions. This comprehensive coverage can reimburse you for diagnostic exams, emergency care, and specialist visits. Average cost: $22 to $46 per month.

Routine care insurance

EssentialWellness and BestWellness plans for dogs

Routine care coverage can be added to a BestBenefit plan to cover wellness exams, annual vaccines, dental cleanings, and routine or preventive care with no deductible. Pets Best offers two levels of wellness coverage.

EssentialWellness pricing: $16 per month

BestWellness pricing: $26 per month

EssentialWellness and BestWellness plans for cats

Either of these plans can be added to your BestBenefit plan to cover wellness exams, dental cleanings, annual vaccines, and routine or preventive care, with no deductible. There are two levels of wellness coverage options for both kittens and older cats.

EssentialWellness pricing: $16 per month

BestWellness pricing: $26 per month


Pets Best offers a 5% discount for military or veterans, multiple pet plans, union employees, school teachers, animal clinic staff, or if you have Progressive or Farmers insurance policies. The max you can earn is 15% if you are eligible for multiple discounts.

Application process

You can sign up for Pets Best pet insurance online. You first enter your pet's information to get your quote and then fill out the application agreement online.

What types of pets are eligible for Pets Best pet insurance?

Pets Best offers insurance for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

Customer service and ratings

Pets Best has a 4.33 rating on based on 14,384 reviews. Pets Best has a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot based on 2,970 reviews. Consumer Affairs gives Pets Best 3.5 out of 5 stars, and U.S. News gives it 3.8 out of 5 stars. The service ratings for Pets Best are wide ranging. Some customers are pleased with the coverage and service, while others have called out the expensive cost of Pets Best's coverage.

This pet insurer is a good choice for:

Pets Best is best suited for people who:

  • Want a pet insurer to pay the vet directly so they don't have to pay out of pocket.
  • Want a 24/7 emergency vet hotline to call if there are medical issues.
  • Want an unlimited plan with no annual limit
  • Want to cater coverage based on budget

But you may want to consider Trupanion if you want your vet to be directly paid by the insurer, but don't want to pay a deductible, or Embrace for a declining deductible and covered exam fees.

Our Insurance Expert