3 Benefits to Shopping for a Mortgage Online

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Could these reasons convince you to shop online for your home loan?

When you're considering getting a mortgage, it's important to shop around with several lenders. In fact, it's a good idea to get at least three quotes, but getting even more can be better. That's because there's wide variation in interest rates and loan terms from one mortgage lender to another.

When you start the process of shopping around, you have options: You could visit local lenders in person, or you could shop online.

And while some people may prefer the personal touch and individualized advice that comes from working with a lender in person, there are three major benefits to shopping for a mortgage online. Here's what they are.

1. You can get quotes from multiple lenders easily

Shopping for a loan online makes it considerably easier to compare mortgage rate quotes. That's because instead of having to visit multiple bank branches or credit unions, you can just fill out applications online.

In some cases, you can complete one simple application and get multiple quotes from several lenders. But even if you want to visit each individual lender's website, it's still a lot faster to do that by just typing in their web address than to actually visit local branches.

Getting quotes from multiple lenders quickly and easily will maximize the chances that you'll find the best rate. You can also check out many lenders you might not have access to otherwise because they don't have local branches. This could open up the door to an even more affordable loan since online lenders can sometimes have better terms than traditional banks or credit unions.

2. You can shop for your loan on your own schedule

When you apply for a mortgage in person, you will likely have to make an appointment with a loan originator. Even if you can just show up at the bank to talk to someone about applying, you have to go during bank hours and potentially wait for the right person to be available.

When you shop online for a loan instead, you can apply for a mortgage at midnight if you want to, or at 5 a.m. before the kids are up. You have the flexibility to submit applications when it's right for you, rather than having to limit your search for the perfect home loan to business hours only.

3. It's faster than dealing with mortgage lenders in person

Finally, many online lenders can provide interest rates and mortgage pre-approval much faster if you submit your application online rather than bringing in paper copies of your financial details and waiting for your documents to be reviewed.

Today's housing market is very competitive. You may not have time to waste in comparing rates or getting pre-approved. The ability to move more quickly could make all the difference in being ready to make an offer on a home.

Because of these three benefits, you may find that applying for a loan online is right for you. If that's the case, just be sure to research lenders carefully. Better yet, head over to our page on the best online mortgage lenders to find compare options and learn more.

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