3 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling in Today's Hot Market

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  • In today's housing market, homes are being scooped up at a rapid clip.
  • If yours is stuck on the market, it pays to figure out why -- and address the issue at hand.

Are any of these to blame?

In a normal housing market, it could take time from when a home is listed to when an offer is actually made on it. But in today's housing market, homes are being sold at lightning speed. That's because real estate inventory is lacking in a big way, and buyers are rushing to scoop up the limited homes that are available.

But what if your home is up for sale and it seems to be the exception to today's rule? If you listed your property months ago and you've yet to find a buyer, it's important to understand why that is. 

Remember, you don't want your home to sit on the market too long, because that alone could serve as a red flag for buyers. So if you have a listing no one seems to be jumping on, these could be the reasons why.

1. Your home is overpriced

Sellers today are getting away with commanding higher prices for their homes. But there's a difference between higher prices and unreasonable prices. If yours falls into the latter category, that alone could explain why buyers aren’t biting. 

If it's been months since your home went up on the market, it may be time to sit down with your real estate agent and figure out if the price is right. And if you never hired a real estate agent in the first place, you may want to find one now that your home has struggled to get a buyer.

Home buyers today are grappling with not just higher home prices, but also rising mortgage rates. And so there may come a point when local buyers say no if the number you're asking for comes off as overwhelmingly high.

2. Your home has cosmetic issues that are turning buyers off

Buyers can frequently look past cosmetic issues when buying a home. But if your living space is sorely outdated, then that could be a barrier to getting an offer. 

Do an honest assessment of your home. If it has worn carpets, chipping paint, and other features that look like they've seen better days, then it could pay to invest a little money into sprucing it up. 

Similarly, look at your home's exterior. If it has zero curb appeal, it could pay to invest in some landscaping to give a better first impression.

3. Your home is not staged correctly

Maybe your home is in decent shape and doesn't need obvious work. But if it's not set up the right way, it could make buyers run the other way.

It's important to depersonalize your living space when selling a home so prospective buyers can see it as their own. So if your home is loaded with things like brightly colored rugs, tie-dyed curtains, and other features that appeal to you but may not appeal to the masses, then it may be time to do a sweep and tone things down. Similarly, you may want to remove unique artwork and furniture pieces that may not align with the average buyer's taste.

Homes today are generally selling quickly. If yours isn't getting any offers, see if it's due to price, condition, or a lack of staging. And then address that issue sooner rather than later so your home doesn't keep sitting out there for months on end.

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