5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Selling Your Home

by Christy Bieber | Updated July 19, 2021 - First published on May 10, 2021

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Finding a buyer is easier if you take these five steps.

It's a seller's market right now, and most people find a buyer for their home easily. However, that's not the case for all properties or in all markets -- and it won't last forever.

If you're selling your home, it makes sense to maximize your chances of a quick sale for top dollar -- whether market trends are in your favor or not. Keep these five tips in mind if you're about to list your home.

1. Price it right

If you price your home too high, you are likely to have a hard time selling, even in a competitive market. After all, no buyer wants to pay more than a property is worth. And even if they did, mortgage lenders require appraisals, and won't loan buyers more than a certain percentage of what a property is worth.

You may think it's no big deal to price high and negotiate (or drop the asking price later), but this can backfire and make it harder to sell. Properties get a lot of buzz when they are first listed, and you can miss this initial excitement if you price your home too high. And if your property sits on the market for a long time because it isn't priced right, buyers may assume you're desperate to sell and come in with a lowball offer.

2. Declutter

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home and see the house's best features. As a result, it's imperative you remove clutter that prevents your property from looking its best.

Remove knick-knacks and family photos to depersonalize the house. If you have a lot of furniture stuffed in, it can make the space look smaller or hide architectural traits, so consider putting some larger pieces into storage while your house is on the market.

3. Stage the home

In many cases, it's beneficial to go beyond decluttering and fully stage a home. This means making each room's purpose clear (no more combos like office bedrooms, for example) and making the furniture pleasant, neutral, and appropriate for each room.

Your real estate agent can probably help you stage the house. There are also companies that offer this service. If you aren't working with a professional, look at other listings in your area that paint a good picture and consider mimicking what they do.

4. Use great photography

For most people, finding a home begins with an online search. If your property doesn't wow potential buyers when they're browsing, chances are good that few will visit it.

Provide plenty of high-quality, professional photos in your listing. In many cases, it's worth hiring a photographer to make the property look its best. If you hire a real estate agent, they should take care of this. If you sell the house yourself, look up real estate photographers in your area.

5. Handle minor repairs

Deferred maintenance can make potential buyers nervous because it makes them wonder whether there are bigger issues you haven't addressed.

If you have a leaky faucet, a cracked tile, or broken sprinkler heads, get them repaired. Your home will make a better impression, and the buyer will be less likely to raise issues during the inspection process.

By taking these five steps, you can maximize the chances you'll find a buyer quickly and get a fair price for your home. Get started today if you're selling your property.

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