Home Buyers in 2022 Should Avoid These Major Mortgage Mistakes

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  • A mortgage is the largest debt most people take on.
  • Mistakes with your mortgage could be costly, and could even lead to foreclosure.
  • Not shopping around is just one common mistake would-be borrowers need to avoid.

Making the wrong moves with your mortgage can cost you.

If you're buying a home, chances are good you'll be getting a mortgage along with it. Mortgages are large debts with long repayment timelines, so you can end up paying a lot of interest and dealing with your mortgage lender for many years.

As a result, if you're buying a home in 2022, there are a few crucial mistakes you absolutely want to avoid when securing your home loan. Here's what they are.

1. Borrowing more than you can afford

Taking out too large of a home loan could quickly turn into a financial disaster. You're going to be working on paying off your mortgage every month for decades.

If you've borrowed too large a sum, you're going to be under constant financial pressure and may need to make sacrifices that are unsustainable. A single financial blip could also put you at serious risk of foreclosure, which could lead to financial devastation.

2. Taking out a mortgage you don't understand

Many mortgage loans have simple terms. If you take out a fixed-rate mortgage, you'll know upfront exactly what your monthly payments and total costs will be. But other loans, such as adjustable-rate mortgages or balloon mortgages, can be far riskier and can come with uncertain costs.

You never want to be surprised with a mortgage payment you can't afford, so be sure you understand exactly how your loan works. This means you should know whether the rate or payment can change over time, what you'll need to pay upfront to get the loan, and how much your loan will cost you each month and during the total payoff period.

3. Not shopping around for a mortgage loan

There are many different kinds of mortgages and tons of different lenders offering home loans. As a result, a loan from one lender could potentially be much cheaper and easier to qualify for than a loan from another.

If you don't shop around for a mortgage loan and compare offers that are made by a variety of lenders, you could end up with a loan that's not a good fit for you. You may end up making much higher monthly payments and incurring larger total loan costs than you would have with a different lender, or you could get stuck with high upfront fees that aren't really necessary.

Since a mortgage is a loan that's paid off over a long time, and you're borrowing a lot of money, even small differences in rates or fees can add up and affect your financial life. To make sure you get a good deal, you should get multiple loan quotes so you don't overpay.

Avoiding these mortgage mistakes is easy if you know about them upfront. It's worth putting in the effort not to make them, since your home loan will probably be the largest debt you take on.

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