Weekly Mortgage News Roundup for Jan. 15, 2021

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Here are our top mortgage news stories from the past week. It pays to give them a read.

Mortgage rates have climbed a little in early 2021 but are still very competitive. Here's what else has been happening with mortgages.

A piggyback mortgage is actually a second loan you can take out to avoid private mortgage insurance, a costly premium you'll pay on top of your regular monthly payments if you fail to put down 20% of your home's purchase price at closing. Here's how to decide if it's right for you.

Today's housing market is not an easy one to navigate. Here's what you need to know if you're hoping to buy.

Though today's refinance rates are still competitive, they're higher than purchase mortgage rates -- and that's actually the norm. Here's an explainer on why that's the case.

Buying a place of your own doesn't just mean adding a mortgage payment to your monthly bills. Here are some other costs you'll need to gear up for.

A lot of buyers these days are settling for smaller or outdated homes because the market is so limited. Here's how to make those homes more comfortable without spending a fortune.

It's hard to get an offer on a house accepted these days, which explains why so many buyers are getting stuck in bidding wars. But here's one trick you can use to improve your odds of getting a seller to say yes.

It's definitely a seller's market -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be strategic with your listing. Here's what it takes to command top dollar and capitalize on market conditions today.

Whether you're hoping to buy a new home this year, are looking at refinancing your current mortgage, or simply want to know what's happening with the housing market in general, be sure to check out The Ascent's mortgage coverage each week. We're busy gathering your top mortgage stories so you can stay up to date.

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