Why Dave Ramsey Believes This One Step Makes Home Buying a 'Blessing or a Curse'

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  • Dave Ramsey says your home could be either a blessing or a curse.
  • He recommends slowing down before purchasing.
  • He says working with a real estate agent could help you buy a home the right way.

This Dave Ramsey tip could make all the difference in how your home purchase turns out.

Buying a home is likely going to be one of your biggest purchases and one of the most major financial decisions in your life. Since you're making a huge commitment and likely taking on a large mortgage loan, you need to make certain you make the right choices.

Finance expert Dave Ramsey has suggested there's one key step you need to take in order to maximize the chances that your purchase turns out to be a good thing for you rather than a problem you regret. Here's what it is.

Dave Ramsey says this step can make all the difference

On Twitter, Dave Ramsey warned home buyers not to rush into anything, because the consequences of making the wrong choice could be dire. "Real Estate Tip: SLOW DOWN," Ramsey tweeted. "Make sure the home you buy will be a blessing, not a curse."

So, how can you do that? Ramsey explained exactly what you need to do first in order to make sure that your home turns out to be a blessing. "Get in touch with a real estate agent that I trust to show you how to buy a home the right way," Ramsey said.

Why does hiring a real estate agent make such a difference?

It may seem strange for Ramsey to suggest that hiring a real estate agent could have such a profound impact on how your purchase turns out. But, as the finance guru has explained on the Ramsey Solutions blog, real estate agents play an extremely important role in the home-buying process.

"A real estate agent’s job is to guide you through the entire home-buying or home-selling process," he explained. "When an agent is on their game, they care about their craft and they care about you, the client. They’ll work to find homes near the schools and neighborhoods you like, research the area to get you plugged in with the community, and be hands-on and present throughout the whole process from start to close."

Ramsey went on to list some of the many tasks agents can perform, including assisting you in locating the right property, helping you make a fair offer, handling the home-buying paperwork for you, and offering advice on home inspections. Since agents have ample experience in all of these tasks, they may be able to help you avoid costly errors when submitting an offer or ensure you don't overpay for a property.

Best of all, if you are a buyer, you won't even have to pay the fees for a real estate agent because sellers do that for you. So, you get the benefit of professional advice from a trained expert who knows the local market and you don't pay anything out of pocket for it.

Ramsey is absolutely right that hiring an agent can be a crucial step -- especially if you are an inexperienced home buyer. Just be sure to take the time to find someone you click with who has good references and who you trust fully to look out for your interests.

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