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Freedom Mortgage Review: Multiple Loan Options, but In-Person Service Required

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Freedom Mortgage offers multiple mortgage loan options, including government-guaranteed loans for borrowers with poor credit and low or no down payments. But, you have to talk with a loan officer to get rate quotes, get pre-approved, or apply. Read our full Freedom Mortgage review to find out more.

Full Freedom Mortgage review

This mortgage lender is a good fit for: Borrowers looking for a government-guaranteed mortgage who don't mind having to work with a loan officer every step of the way.


  • Loans for borrowers with low credit scores
  • Low down payment options
  • Self-proclaimed No. 1 VA and FHA lender in the country
  • Loans available in all 50 states


  • No online pre-approval
  • No mortgage rate quotes or rate information available online
  • Loan application process requires a loan officer

Top perks

Multiple loan options available, including for bad-credit borrowers

Freedom offers not only conventional loans, but also FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans. These government-backed loans have more flexible qualifying requirements, including lower minimum down payments. Neither USDA nor VA loans require any down payment at all. Borrowers with low credit scores or minimal credit history are also eligible for these types of loans. As such, you don't necessarily need perfect financial credentials to qualify for a Freedom mortgage.

Freedom is an expert in government-guaranteed loans

Freedom advertises itself as the No. 1 VA and FHA lender in the country. Although it's not clear exactly what metric was used, it's clear the lender wants to help borrowers get approved for government-backed loans.

Not all lenders are willing to work with these loans, never mind specialize in them. The fact that Freedom bills itself as an expert could streamline the approval process.

Local offices nationwide mean you'll have plenty of in-person support

Freedom offers loans in all 50 states and has a wide network of loan officers throughout the country. You can easily get the in-person support that you need. Help is available to understand your mortgage options, secure pre-approval, or complete the application process. This is in stark contrast to many other lenders who have transitioned to largely online pre-approval and application processes with minimal support.

What could be improved

Freedom could give more information about its rates

Freedom doesn't have any details about its loan interest rates online. You can't get a personalized rate quote without contacting a loan officer. You'll need rates to input into a mortgage calculator to understand your payment options. As such, you'll have no idea up front what a loan from Freedom would cost.

Many would-be borrowers want to know if a lender's rates are competitive before they reach out.

Freedom could provide an online pre-approval option

While it's nice to have the ability to get in-person help if you want it, many borrowers would prefer to have the option to get pre-approved for a mortgage online. As such, Freedom isn't the best fit for those who would rather get the process started without talking to a loan officer.

Freedom charges loan origination fees

Freedom charges a fee to originate your loan. Some lenders don't assess this upfront cost. Depending on the loan type and rate, it may be more affordable to secure a loan without origination fees.

Alternatives to consider

If you have good credit and don't want or need a government-backed loan, Better could be a preferable option. Better doesn't offer VA or USDA loans. However, it does provide rate information online. It also offers pre-approval online in as little as three minutes, and doesn't charge mortgage origination fees.

If you do need a VA loan, Veterans United could provide the online experience that Freedom Mortgage lacks. You get a quick rate quote and also use its online portal to complete the entire application process. It's the largest VA loan originator in the U.S.

How to qualify

Loan requirements from Freedom Mortgage vary depending whether you're interested in a conventional loan, a jumbo loan, or one backed by the government.

Many borrowers will find it easier to secure an FHA, VA, or USDA loan due to minimal or no down payment requirements and low credit score requirements. Beware, though, that these loans can come with fees. For example, you'll have to pay mortgage insurance for FHA loans (sometimes for the life of the loan) or a funding fee for a VA mortgage.

If your credit score is less than stellar, Freedom might not be the best fit. Freedom Mortgage recommends you have a higher score than the minimum required. For example, the minimum credit score for an FHA loan is 500 (with a 10% down payment), but Freedom indicates a score of 540 is preferable. While you may be able to get approved with a lower score, it could be more of a challenge.

You'll also need to work with a loan officer to get pre-approved and won't be able to find out if you qualify online. This is the main downside of working with Freedom Mortgage.

Freedom's specific credit score and down payment requirements for its different loans are outlined below:

Freedom Mortgage Credit Score Required Minimum Down Payment
Conventional Loan 620 3%
Jumbo Loan 700 10%
VA Loan 580 0%
FHA Loan 540 3.5% (With credit score above 580), 10% (With score below 580)
USDA Loan 640 0%

How are Freedom Mortgage's refinance rates?

Freedom's website offers a mortgage refinance calculator so you can input various scenarios to see what your refinance payments might be, but it does not disclose rates on its website. To find out what mortgage refinance rate you qualify for, you would need to call the lender to speak with a loan advisor.

It's worth mentioning, however, that if you find Freedom Mortgage offers a competitive personalized rate, it does offer cash-out refinance loans in addition to traditional refinances.

How are Freedom Mortgage's rates compared to the national average?

Freedom Mortgage does not disclose much information about its rates, so it's difficult to make an accurate assessment of how they compare to the national average. You cannot obtain a rate quote from Freedom Mortgage unless you work directly with a mortgage officer.

However, because Freedom focuses on VA and FHA loans, which are backed by the government, it provides options for borrowers with imperfect credit to borrow at affordable rates.

Freedom Mortgage is right for you if:

If you're in the market for an FHA, VA, or USDA loan, Freedom Mortgage is a good choice. The lender's extensive experience with this type of loan enables you to navigate the process quickly and efficiently. You'll need to work with a loan officer since online rate quotes and preapproval aren't an option.


  • Freedom Mortgage doesn't provide much clarity about its rates. In fact, comparing the lender's interest costs with the national average is difficult because it doesn't disclose its rates online.

    However, borrowers with low credit scores or imperfect financial credentials will likely find Freedom Mortgage to offer competitive rates. That's because the lender focuses on VA and FHA Loans. These government-backed loan options offer affordable borrowing options even to borrowers who don't have a perfect financial history.

  • Freedom Mortgage is a good choice for a mortgage if you are interested in an FHA or VA loan. In fact, it's one of the top lenders in the country for these types of mortgages. Freedom also offers a choice of other loan options as well. However, because you cannot complete the entire application process digitally, this lender is a good choice for you only if you're OK working with a loan originator directly.

    Before you determine Freedom Mortgage is the right lender for you, you should shop around and compare rates from multiple different online, local, and national loan providers. That's because your unique credit profile and financial situation will determine which lender offers you the best loan terms.

  • Freedom Mortgage provides the opportunity to complete a traditional refinance loan as well as a cash-out refinance loan. It can be a good choice for refinancing if you don't mind applying for a loan with a mortgage broker instead of completing the process online.

    However, be sure to compare all of your loan options as the best choice for you will be determined by which lender offers you the most competitive rates given your financial background.

  • To qualify for Freedom Mortgage, contact a loan officer via phone or submit an online request for information.

    You will need to provide financial documentation to Freedom Mortgage to determine if you can be approved for a loan. Because Freedom Mortgage focuses on FHA and VA loans, the qualifying requirements will be less stringent than with many lenders. You may be able to get a loan even with imperfect credit, a loan down payment, or a high debt-to-income ratio.

  • Freedom Mortgage offers:

    • Conventional loans
    • Jumbo loans
    • VA loans
    • USDA loans
    • FHA loans
    • Refinance loans
    • Cash-out refinance loans

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