10 Everyday Essentials That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

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  • There's no need to buy expensive presents to fill stockings.
  • Travel toiletries, socks, lip care products, and writing utensils are useful, affordable everyday items you can gift as stocking stuffers.

Don't ignore your personal finance goals when buying stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Now that it's December, many of us are hurrying to complete our holiday shopping. While filling up the stockings on your mantle, you may want to buy everyday items that your family members will find useful. These essentials can make for the perfect stocking trinkets. Many of us forget to buy these items ourselves, so it's a win when someone else does. Here are some great everyday items that make for affordable stocking stuffers.

1. Hair accessories

If you have someone on your list with luscious locks of hair, I promise you they will never have too many hair ties. Hair ties, scrunchies, headbands, and other hair accessories make great gifts that will be appreciated. If they have curious cats that like to hide their hair ties, this gift is even more necessary -- trust me.

2. Mints and gum

Sure, you can buy traditional holiday candies like candy canes and chocolate, but that's not all. Mints and chewing gum are cheap items that many people use in their daily lives. You may want to consider adding these items to the mix this year.

3. Travel toiletries

Travel toiletries are an excellent present for the frequent traveler in your life. Your sightseer likely waits until the last minute to stock up on these essentials, so gifting these items for the holidays will save them time and prepare them for their next adventure. As a bonus, most stores sell these items at an affordable price, so it's a good move for your bank account balance.

4. Beauty essentials

Another winning idea is beauty essentials. Items like makeup brushes and sponges, face and hair masks, mascara, nail polish, and bath bombs are a fun way to fill up a stocking and your dearest self-care king or queen will be grateful.

5. Writing utensils

I can't be the only one that is constantly losing pens around the house. If you're looking for a simple idea that is budget-friendly, you may want to load up on different packs of pens and markers. Your favorite people will think of you every time they write a note.

6. Lip care products

Lip protection products are a must during the colder, dryer months. Your friends and family will love to see lip balms and other lip moisturizer items in their stockings. You can find these low-cost products at most stores -- even in the grocery store checkout line.

7. Tumblers

Whether for water, coffee, or another beverage, your loved ones probably use tumblers, water bottles, and other portable cups every day. This stuffer takes up a lot of space and makes for a practical gift that will get used.

8. Gloves and hats

Accidently losing gloves and hats is a universal problem. For this reason, these wintertime essentials can make for excellent stocking stuffers. You can find these winter gear essentials at discount clothing stores.

9. Hand sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, especially during this time of year. Travel-size hand sanitizers are always a good idea. You can help your special someone avoid sickness and you won't risk going into credit card debt with this economical present.

10. Socks

Another essential item that is a win for your wallet and for the folks on your gift list is socks. Similar to gloves and hats, these items can disappear around the house. Having extra pairs of socks can be beneficial. You can have fun with it and buy several types of socks, like cozy socks for boots and athletic socks for the gym and everyday outfits.

The most appreciated gifts don't cost a lot

Are you headed to the store soon to buy stocking stuffers? Don't ignore your personal finance goals while filling up stockings this year. It's not necessary to purchase expensive, lavish items. Instead, honor your budget and buy affordable, everyday essential items so your loved ones have everything they need to start the new year.

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