10 Hacks to Save on Groceries, According to Reddit Users

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  • Most shoppers are looking for ways to trim their grocery spending.
  • Some of the tips that Reddit users give to save money on groceries are buying in bulk, freezing cooked meals, and eating more vegetarian meals.

Are you looking to spend less money on groceries? Reddit users are here to help.

Reddit can be an excellent resource for learning about a topic that interests you. While it may not be one of the social media apps that most people scroll through multiple times a day, it has a lot of helpful content available.

As you might imagine, several subreddits, or communities, on Reddit are dedicated to sharing personal finance tips. Here are some hacks shared on the r/personalfinance subreddit that may help you save money on groceries.

1. Go in with a plan

User morosis1982 suggests going in with a plan. They suggest meal planning for the week, compiling a grocery list, and sticking only to the list while shopping. That includes planning out what drinks and snacks to buy.

If you're someone who tends to leave the grocery store with more items than you planned to buy, this tip could help you trim your spending and avoid impulse purchases.

2. Stock up on meat when it's on sale

If your family eats a lot of meat, you probably know how expensive it can get. User not_a_moogle recommends stocking up on meat when it's on sale and freezing it. If you can invest in an extra freezer for storage, you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill.

3. Freeze cooked meals

Freezing isn't just for meat. Reddit user WideBlock suggests freezing cooked meals that you've prepared. If you're preparing a large meal, you can set aside extra servings for future meals.

4. Do your shopping online

User fieldgull advises shoppers to do their grocery shopping online. They note that seeing the total as you fill up your virtual cart and having the option to make revisions before placing your order may keep you from spending more money than you can afford.

Online shopping became the norm during the pandemic, but it's still a service that's available. While delivery apps may charge fees (and you'll have to tip your delivery driver), many grocery stores allow you to shop online and pick up your groceries at a set time for free.

5. Don't focus on the brand

User zippopopamus suggests buying items based on weight and not the brand. While the more popular name brand item may be more familiar, it may not be the best deal.

Take a look at the package weight and price per serving when buying items at the store and ensure you're making the best buy for your wallet.

6. Shop around to maximize savings

Reddit user chelsea_liz recommends shopping at multiple stores to save more money. If you have multiple grocers nearby that run different deals, it may be worthwhile to go to more than one store for your shopping needs. Do consider driving distance and gas costs when doing this, though.

7. Buy in bulk

User alwaysbooyahback encourages buying in bulk, as long as you're purchasing items you will use regularly. Flour, sugar, and rice are examples of things that you might want to buy in bulk to keep more money in your bank account.

8. Prepare more vegetarian meals

User Rockdrums11 shares that they only cook vegetarian meals at home. They're able to eat less meat and save money by doing this. This could be an excellent way to slash your grocery bill if you're open to eating more veggie-friendly meals.

9. Don't go shopping while hungry

User pantherghast advises shoppers to never go shopping while hungry. While this may seem like simple advice, it's a solid suggestion. If you don't eat before heading to the grocery store, you may be more likely to buy food you don't need or hurry through your shopping and make poor financial choices because you're rushing to finish and eat a meal.

10. Eat according to the season

Reddit user Beeonas suggests eating foods that are in season. When you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, it can significantly lower your grocery bill -- especially if you buy a lot of produce. You can also score deals on fresh produce at your local farmer's market.

You're not alone if you've been spending more than you planned at the grocery store. Hopefully, these hacks can help you save on groceries.

We're all looking for ways to save money now that essentials, groceries, and gas are more expensive. If you're looking for other ways to save money in your daily life, check out our personal finance resources.

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