25 Educator Discounts for Teachers

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  • If you're a teacher, you may be struggling to make your financial goals a reality.
  • Teacher discounts are a great way to trim your spending and keep more money in your bank account.

Find out if you're missing out on money-saving educator discounts for teachers.

Being a teacher is hard work, but it's not usually a financially rewarding career. Many teachers struggle to stretch their paychecks further.

If you're a teacher who regularly purchases classroom supplies while also paying your living expenses, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Most educators have to get creative to make their money last longer or find ways to boost their income. While some teachers choose to get a side hustle during the summer months, you may be looking to avoid working throughout your break. After all, you likely spend many hours prepping and planning outside of the classroom during the school year. You deserve some time off.

Don't ignore teacher discounts

Teacher discounts could help you spend less money in your everyday life. While some discounts may feel small, they all add up over time. Whether you need to buy more materials for your classroom, new work attire, or household items, always check to see if there are any discounts for educators.

Teacher discounts are becoming more common, and retailers of all types offer them. You may be able to save money buying from brands that you already know and love.

Here are 25 educator discounts

1. Adidas: 30% off online and in-store purchases and 20% off factory outlet purchases

2. Adobe: Save over 60% on Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps

3. Apple: Up to 10% off Apple products

4. AT&T: 25% off unlimited wireless plans

5. Barnes & Noble: 20% off the publisher's list price for all purchases for classroom use and 25% off during Educator Appreciation Days

6. Books-a-Million: 20% off in-store purchases

7. Casper: 20% off select purchases

8. Columbia Sportswear: 10% off

9. Half Price Books: Save 10% on in-store purchases

10. Headspace: Free access to teachers

11. Hotels.com: 10% off

12. HP: Up to 40% off through the HP Education Store

13. HSN: 15% off a single-item purchase

14. J.Crew: 15% off at J.Crew stores and JCrew.com

15. JOANN Fabric and Crafts: 15% off every online and in-store purchase

16. Madewell: 15% discount on in-store and online purchases

17. Michaels: 15% off your entire purchase

18. Modcloth: 20% off purchases for U.S. and Canadian teachers

19. Reebok: 40% off purchases

20. Ring: 20% off select purchases

21. Samsung: Up to 30% off through the Samsung Education Offers Program

22. Sperry: 15% off

23. Thrive Market: Free membership for teachers

24. Under Armour: 20% off purchases

25. Verizon: Save $10 to $25 per month on unlimited mobile plans (savings depends on the number of lines)

If you're not taking advantage of educator discounts, you're wasting money. Don't be afraid to ask if a retailer offers discounts so you can spend less money at the checkout line.

More teacher-friendly financial tips

Are you looking for other ways to improve your financial situation? The following tips may help you take more control of your finances.

  • Let a budget guide your spending. If you feel like you have no extra income left over after you pay your bills, a budget may help you eliminate unnecessary spending and free up extra cash. Are you new to budgeting? Follow these steps to set up your first budget.
  • Plan ahead for summer spending. If your school district doesn't offer a 12-month payment schedule that pays you during the summer months, you'll want to save extra money during the school year. Calculate your total expenses for summer (and add extra for unexpected and potential vacation costs). Then, figure out how much you need to set aside during the school year, so you're not stressed out about finances while away from school.
  • Automate the saving process. If you struggle to save money regularly, it may be time to automate your savings. Setting your savings on autopilot can help prioritize your saving goals. Most bank accounts make it easy to set up automated transfers. As an example, if you save $150 monthly from September through May, you'll have $1,350 saved before your summer break begins.
  • Deduct out-of-pocket classroom supplies. You can claim up to $250 as a tax deduction for out-of-pocket classroom supplies as a teacher. Keep accurate records of your spending, hold on to receipts, and don't forget this at tax time.

You work hard as a teacher, and you make a big difference. Make sure you take the proper steps to set yourself up for financial success.

If you're looking for more guidance on how to better manage your money, check out our personal finance resources.

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