3 Great Side Hustles for Busy People

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Busy schedule? These side gigs might work well for you.

There are plenty of ways having a side hustle might benefit you. If you earn income on top of what your main job pays you, you might manage to boost your savings, sock away funds for a down payment on a house, pay off your credit cards, or finally upgrade to a car that won't stall on you every other day.

But what if you're a busy person who doesn't have 20 hours of free time a week? What if you work long hours already or have other commitments that keep your schedule perpetually loaded?

The good news is that you don't necessarily have to write off the idea of a side gig if you feel you can benefit from one. Here are a few side hustles to pursue when your time is limited and you need a lot of flexibility.

1. Online writing, editing, web design, or anything similar

When you don't have many free hours during the week, a job you can do from your laptop may be ideal. That job could entail designing websites, writing or editing content, doing marketing for small businesses, or anything else that you can control the timing of.

To be clear, if you take on any of these jobs, you'll generally need to stick to your clients' deadlines. But if you're smart about the work you take on, you may find that it's more than manageable, even if your time is limited.

For example, if you're offered the chance to do web development work you think will take you six hours, and your client needs it done in two weeks, that may be doable for you. You can sneak in those six hours of work when your schedule permits.

2. Driving for a ride-hailing service

The great thing about driving for ride-hailing companies is you get to set your own hours. That means if there's a given week when you only have three hours free to shuttle passengers around, that's all you have to do. If you have more hours free the following week, then great, you can work more hours that week if you’d like.

3. Become a notary

A notary's job is to verify people's identity to legitimize contracts and other official documents. For example, someone might need a notary to sign a loan document.

You can't just roll out of bed one day and decide you're a notary. Rather, there's training you'll need to go through, and the details of that will depend on where you live. Generally speaking, though, training isn't extensive -- nor is it expensive. You might pay well under $100 to become a licensed notary, and from there, you can offer up your services when it's convenient for you.

Say you advertise in your community that you're a notary. If someone needs your help, you simply set up a time during the week that works for both of your schedules. The process of notarizing a document is quick, and from there, you can collect a notary fee for what's sometimes just a few minutes of work.

Managing a side hustle can be challenging when you're already busy. If your time is limited, consider these gigs that are either quite flexible or don't require a major or consistent time commitment. That way, you can benefit from the extra money you'll earn without causing yourself too much stress.

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