3 Reasons I No Longer Have a Side Hustle

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  • Getting a side hustle could help your financial picture.
  • In some situations, a side hustle may not be feasible, or you might have a better option for boosting your income.

I used to hold down multiple side hustles, but that's a thing of the past.

Back when I worked as a salaried employee during my 20s, I routinely held down one or more side hustles as a means of boosting my income, and also branching out and growing my skills. Before I started writing full-time, it was something I did on the side to pad my savings account and buy myself more options for things like leisure and vacations.

But writing isn't the only side hustle I've had. I've also been paid to care for pets and tutor children, among other things.

These days, however, I focus on writing full time and I no longer push myself to take on work on the side. Here's why.

1. I can pick up extra writing work

Since writing is what I do full time, I don't consider smaller writing projects side hustles. Rather, I consider them an extension of my main job.

At this point, I've made a lot of contacts and have different options for taking on more work as I want or need to. And so I'd rather do that than pursue another gig, whether it's driving for a rideshare company or caring for pets (as much as the latter is something I love to do).

2. I don't want to do extra administrative work

The more gigs I take on, the more payments I have to track from various sources and the more expenses I have to keep tabs on (since people who are self-employed can deduct certain expenses on their taxes). Frankly, I don't have the patience or desire to tackle more administrative work when my schedule is already pretty hectic.

3. I don't have a lot of time

These days, I work a full-time schedule thanks to my various writing assignments, and I also have a household to manage, complete with young kids and an often-demanding dog who loves attention. As such, my time really is limited.

Before I had kids, it was easier for me to hold down different side gigs because my evenings and weekends were largely my own. These days, those hours are filled with after-school activities, kids' birthday parties, and other such events that barely leave me with enough time to cook or clean, let alone work a side hustle.

Is a side hustle right for you?

If you're eager to boost your income, you may be inclined to pick up a side hustle. But before you do, ask yourself if it's really worth the effort, and if there's not an easier way to grow your earnings. It may be possible to pick up an extra shift once a week at your main job, and that could prove less burdensome from a scheduling and administrative standpoint than a side gig you do independently.

It may also be that you're at a place in life where you're pressed for time, and holding down a side hustle will mean losing out on much-needed sleep or downtime. If that's the case, it may be worth cutting some expenses in your budget rather than working yourself to the bone.

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