3 Reasons My Costco Membership Has Been Extra Useful in 2022

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  • Costco allows me to save money on a host of essential purchases.
  • With living costs rising, I've managed to keep my spending in check by shopping at Costco.

Though my membership has always been helpful, this year, it's come in really handy.

As someone who's been shopping at Costco on a weekly basis for years now, I can say that the membership fee I pay has long been worth the money. But that's especially been the case over the past few months. These days, I'm more grateful than ever to have two Costco locations in relatively close proximity to my home. Here's why.

1. Gas prices have been through the roof

I live in the suburbs, where having a car is a must. And I also happen to drive a minivan, which generally isn't a very fuel-efficient vehicle. That means I tend to spend a lot on gas even when prices aren't soaring. But over the past few weeks, prices have truly gotten out of hand in the wake of the Ukraine conflict.

The great thing about Costco is that filling up my car there lets me save a little money on gas. And that goes a long way when you're refilling your tank as often as I have to.

2. Food costs have been higher

My family consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables. That's a good thing from a nutrition standpoint, but from a financial one, it can get very expensive. But thanks to Costco, I haven't had to cut back on healthy food this year as grocery prices have spiked.

Costco has a wide selection of produce that's available at a much lower price point than what my local supermarkets charge. That's helped me keep my grocery spending in check these past few months. I also happen to find that Costco's produce lasts for many days, which means I don't waste money by having fruits and vegetables spoil on me before I've had a chance to use them.

3. Apparel has gotten expensive

When you have young kids, certain clothing items -- okay, most clothing items -- are somewhat disposable. At least a few times a week, I'll find myself throwing out a pair of pants with a ripped knee or tossing worn-out socks in the trash.

Thankfully, Costco offers a limited but low-cost selection of children's apparel. And since I'm not at all picky in that regard, I can restock my kids' socks, track pants, and other essentials at a competitive price point (even if it means buying four pairs of the same exact leggings or pants).

In fact, one of our go-to retailers recently raised its prices at a time when I started doing a spring refresh of my kids' wardrobe. I was able to grab a number of the items I needed at Costco instead, and at a price that resulted in a smaller credit card tab.

With living costs being up across the board these days, it's important to save as much money as possible on those expenses that aren't negotiable. And I consider gas, food, and clothing (especially for my kids) to fall into that category. I'm super thankful for my Costco membership at a time when inflation is soaring -- though to be clear, it's always been a money-saver for me, even at times when living costs were far more moderate.

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