3 Reasons to Shop at Walmart on Black Friday

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  • Shopping on Black Friday could result in some nice savings.
  • It pays to add Walmart to your list of Black Friday destinations for the deals involved.
  • Walmart also offers lower prices to begin with, and a generous return period for holiday purchases.

Shopping at Walmart could work to your benefit during the busiest retail day of the year.

Many people are getting increasingly excited for Thanksgiving at this point. But if you're a retail junkie, you may be even more stoked for the Black Friday deals about to come down the pike.

Now the reality is that a lot of retailers have been running Black Friday deals since October. But you can bet that on the Friday after Thanksgiving, many big-name retailers will be offering up a host of discounts both in stores and online. And if you've been adding money to your savings in anticipation of being able to capitalize on those deals, you might already be making your Black Friday shopping list.

Now there are different stores you may want to hit on Black Friday. But here's why Walmart should also go on your list.

1. You'll enjoy deals on a wide range of products

There's a reason some Walmart stores are large enough to practically warrant their own ZIP codes. You'll find a host of items at Walmart year-round, and that means that come Black Friday, you might enjoy deals on thousands of items across dozens of categories, from apparel to toys to books to electronics.

2. Walmart's prices are super low to begin with

Walmart is known for its competitive price point all the time. But when you throw in Black Friday discounts on top of those already low prices, it makes for some true bargain shopping. And if you have a lot of holiday gifts to buy or items on your wish list to stock up on, hitting Walmart on Black Friday could result in a lower credit card tab than what you'd end up with at a different retailer.

3. You get a nice long return window

It's natural to change your mind about purchases after making them. At Walmart, the pressure is off in that regard. That's because you'll generally get 90 days to return purchases. And during the holidays, that window is extended even more. Most items purchased in-store or online between Oct. 1, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022 can be returned for a full refund until Jan. 31, 2023.

It pays to shop at Walmart this Black Friday

If your goal is to capitalize on doorbuster deals, then heading to Walmart on Black Friday could mean battling massive crowds and dealing with a host of frustrations. So that's not necessarily your best bet.

Remember, retailers like Walmart commonly discount a very limited quantity of popular items that can sell out in just minutes. And even if you're willing to camp out in a Walmart parking lot at 4:00am to be the first person in the door, you might still end up losing out.

A better idea, therefore, is to forget the doorbusters and do your Black Friday shopping at Walmart at a reasonable hour, and at your leisure. And if you really can't bear the idea of leaving your house with your huge Thanksgiving meal only half-digested, you can always make your Black Friday purchases on Walmart.com rather than heading to your nearest store location.

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