3 Ways to Boost Your Income Without Getting a Raise at Work

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Raises aren't always a given, but these three steps can help you snag more money.

Could you use more money? No matter your financial situation, it's fair to say that you probably could.

Getting more income could make it possible to pad your savings account balance, pay off debt, or meet other goals. And let's be real -- a larger paycheck could also mean having more flexibility to spend money on leisure and the fun things that make life worth living.

Now, the easiest way to grow your earnings may be to ask for a raise at work. But what if your employer isn't interested in raising your pay -- or isn't able to?

Worry not -- there are still steps you can take to give your income a nice boost. Here are three to consider.

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1. Get a side hustle

You may not be eligible for a raise at work, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and pick up a second job to boost your earnings. These days, there are many side hustle opportunities to consider. And if you land the right fit, you may find it's easier than expected to squeeze in a little extra work on top of your main job.

If you're not sure how to start the process of finding a side gig, think about your schedule. Can you commit to consistent evening or weekend hours, or do you need more flexibility? If it's the former, you might consider working at a local retailer for a few shifts a week or getting a recurring pet care or childcare gig. If it's the latter, you may want to stick to things like data entry you can do from home or driving for a rideshare service that has a flexible schedule.

2. Sell things you don't need

When was the last time you took inventory at home? Chances are, there are items lying around your house that you no longer use or can stand to part with. Selling those could be your ticket to extra cash -- and more storage space to boot.

If you're selling smaller items, like electronics, that are likely to fetch a little more money per item, then you may want to use tools like eBay or Facebook Marketplace to find buyers. (eBay will charge you a fee for its services, while Facebook will not.) If you have a lot of bulkier items to sell that will be costly to ship and won't go for a lot of money individually, a yard sale may be a better way to go. Even if you only get $5 or $10 per item, if you're able to sell 20 or 30 things, you'll get a nice payday out of the deal.

3. Get better rewarded by your credit cards

Some credit cards offer generous rewards for making everyday purchases. A good way to boost your income is to find a card that offers more cash back for things like groceries, gasoline, and other expenses you commonly encounter.

Along these lines, if it's been a while since you've gotten a new credit card, you may want to apply for one that comes with a sign-up bonus. As long as you feel you can easily meet the spending requirement, that's another good way to score a lump sum of cash.

You don't need to be reliant on a raise at work to see your earnings go up. This isn't to say that you shouldn't fight for higher pay. But if your efforts prove unsuccessful, know that you still have options for getting your hands on more money.

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