3 Ways to Save $100 in December

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  • Saving $100 may end up being pretty painless.
  • Try ditching cable, planning a potluck holiday, or staying in for New Year's Eve to help save some cash as the year wraps up.

Here's how to give your savings a nice boost.

The more money you have on hand in your savings account, the more financial protection you give yourself. And right now's a pretty good time to boost your savings given that some financial experts are cautioning about a recession in 2023.

But even if a recession doesn't happen in the new year, you might run into a string of unplanned bills that wreak havoc on your finances. And your savings could bail you out in that sort of event.

Now given that we're deep in the throes of the holiday season, December might seem like a tough month to cut back on spending. But if you make these moves, you may find that you're able to grow your savings by $100 this month without having to break a sweat.

1. Say goodbye to cable

If you have cable, you might have access to dozens of channels. But how many do you actually watch? If the answer is less than four or five, then it may be time to cut the cord with cable and find a lower-cost way to stay entertained while you're home.

Replacing cable with a streaming service or two could help you make great progress toward saving $100 this month. It might even get you all the way there, depending on how much your cable package costs and how much the streaming services you replace it with cost you.

2. Make your holiday party or dinner a potluck event

If you host a holiday party or meal every year, you may be inclined to uphold that tradition this December. But if you're willing to have guests chip in, you can do so for a fraction of your usual cost.

Rather than cook a giant meal yourself, make it a potluck and have everyone bring something to share. And if you're throwing a party, split your list of beverages, snacks, and appetizers among your guests so you're all sharing the financial burden.

3. Stay in on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve tends to be a very expensive night to go out. Even if you decide to simply have dinner at a local restaurant you dine at all the time, you may get stuck having to spend extra on a preset menu. And if you decide to go out to a show or club, you might get stuck spending well over $100 between buying tickets and potentially having to meet a minimum tab requirement.

A better bet? Spend New Year's Eve in your pajamas at home. Order in a pizza, whip up a batch of your favorite brownies (no one will judge you if you use a mix), and pick up some inexpensive champagne to ring in 2023. Not only might you save yourself $100, but you might also find that you prefer a low-key celebration.

Boosting your savings by $100 might help you feel more financially secure going into 2023. These moves could help you close out the year $100 richer, so give them a try if you're eager to see your savings balance grow.

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