4 Dollar Tree Products That Aren't Worth It

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  • The Dollar Tree has many items that are great to buy, but some just aren't worth $1.25.
  • Water bottles and small kitchen tools are better bought elsewhere. 

These items aren't even worth the $1.25 you'll spend.

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores to shop at because the prices cannot be beat. And it has a surprising amount of really great products, including things you would not necessarily expect to find for just $1 or $1.25.

But while there's plenty of items worth buying there, some products aren't even worth the buck. Here are four of them. 

1. Water bottles

The Dollar Tree has a great selection of water bottles. Unfortunately, I have bought several of them and they all melt when they are put into the dishwasher. Unless you enjoy hand-washing water bottles and trying to get into the nooks and crannies manually to make sure they are clean, you are better off steering clear of these and paying a little bit more for a dishwasher-safe alternative. 

2. Aluminum foil 

Dollar Tree aluminum foil is another product that you should absolutely leave on the shelves. Not only is the roll very small so you hardly get any sheets, but it is really hard to unravel and remove the foil from the box. The box is not sturdy enough to cut the foil sheets, and the foil itself is very thin so it tears easily when you don't want it to. It also doesn't do a very good job if you actually want to cover something with it or cook with it.

Pass this stuff up for sure and pick up some better brands elsewhere if you want your foil to actually be usable. 

3. Vegetable peelers

We buy several kitchen gadgets from the Dollar Tree and have had a great experience with many of them. Its spatulas are great, and we love the dish towels and oven mitts since they come in different themes and you can match them to the current season.

Unfortunately, vegetable peelers available at the Dollar Tree fall far below the standard we would expect for our kitchen gear -- and we've purchased several over the years to give them a try because we were so surprised that their quality was so far below the other Dollar Tree utensils we bought.

The vegetable peelers we have purchased are, unfortunately, simply unable to actually peel vegetables with any degree of effectiveness no matter how hard we try. This makes them a pretty useless item and we will never make the mistake of buying them at a Dollar Tree again. 

4. Knives

Finally, we faced the same disappointment with Dollar Tree knives as we did with the vegetable peelers. We purchased several of them and they were just too dull to do anything with. And when we tried sharpening one of them to fix the problem, it just broke instead of actually developing a blade that you could use to cut meat or vegetables with. Obviously, a knife that is unable to cut anything isn't a knife you need in your kitchen. 

If you're looking for any of these four items, it's best to look elsewhere rather than breaking out your credit card at the Dollar Tree and ending up disappointed. The bad experiences I've had with each of these products shows why sometimes buying the cheapest thing isn't the best deal in the end.

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