4 Little-Known Perks of Your Netflix Subscription

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  • If you're into video games, quick comedy pieces, international films, or anime, a Netflix subscription gives you access.
  • Subscription prices are based on the number of features you're looking for.

Over the past few years, Netflix has quietly rolled out new entertainment features.

If inflation has stretched your budget to the breaking point, you may be interested to know that Netflix continues to add free perks to its membership plans. In addition to buzz-worthy series like Ozark, The Umbrella Academy, and Stranger Things, Netflix now offers a full menu of other entertainment options. Here, we take a look at those. 

1. Video games

In 2021, Netflix released a handful of video games available only to subscribers. At the time, these games could not be found on the Netflix app but had to be downloaded individually from the Play Store. Today, the Netflix app includes Netflix Games on the home screen, and players can download them from there.  

Here's what you'll need before you can play:

  • An Android phone or tablet running Android 8.0 or later, or
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS/iPadOS 15 or later
  • An active Netflix subscription
  • Internet connection
  • Sufficient storage space on your device

New games are rolled out regularly, meaning there's always a new gaming experience from which to choose.

2. Interactive movies and TV shows

For Netflix members with a newer device, there's the option to enjoy interactive movies and TV shows. An interactive show allows a viewer to control the narrative by deciding what should happen next. Here are some of the devices that make interactive play possible: 

  • Smart TVs
  • Game consoles
  • Streaming media players
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Computer browser
  • iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch

As a bonus, there are also plenty of opportunities for trivia fun.  

3. International programming

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may have noticed more foreign films and shows. That's because the streaming giant has access to the most popular entertainment from around the globe. Like American movies and shows, international programs are broken down by genre. If you're in the mood for a K-Drama, crime show, or sci-fi series, you can go straight to that category. It's a money-saving way to have access to foreign films. 

4. Anime

Anime enthusiasts have their pick of comedies, drama, action, and inspirational stories. You would probably recognize its specific art style even if you've never watched anime. Anime is a type of art inspired by Japanese cartoons. Character features are exaggerated to express emotions. While anime has been around in Japan for over 100 years, the 1960s cartoon Speed Racer introduced the art to an American audience. An anime movie even won an Academy Award for best foreign-language file in 2001.

A word of caution: Anime may look like a cartoon, but that does not mean all anime is appropriate for young viewers. In Japan, it's normal for middle-aged adults to watch anime shows. That means you probably should not sit the kids down in front of the screen until you're sure what they're watching does not have a (very) adult theme.

Netflix prices  

If multiple forms of entertainment in one place appeals to you, here's a breakdown of Netflix's current price structure for new members:

Monthly cost $6.99 $9.99 $15.49 $19.99
With advertising Yes No No No
Number of screens that can be watched at the same time 2 1 2 4
Number of phones/tablets that can have downloads 2 1 2 4
Unlimited movies, TV shows, and mobile games Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watch on laptop, TV, phone, or tablet Yes Yes Yes Yes
HD available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ultra HD available No No Yes Yes
Source: Netflix

Netflix has been around since 1997. In that time, plenty of new competitors have entered the field, and Netflix has stepped up its game by offering more bang for your buck. If you're paying more for separate subscription services, you may find that moving to a package that offers all-in-one leaves more money in your bank account each month. 

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